Saturday , June 19 2021

The singer from Maná operates his face and almost costs his life

One of the main news from the last edition of Latin Grammy was the awarding of the Mexican rock group Manaas a Person of the Year for over 30 years of musical and philanthropic career. However, when its members appeared on the stage, another thing caught the attention of those present and quickly resounded on social networks.

Fher OlveraThe vocalist Maná surprised with some very visible changes in his face and the networks quickly filled with comments about the stretched skin of his face and raised eyebrows, forgetting the gratitude that the band did for the audience and the Latin Grammy for recognizing decades of trajectory.

In addition, his former partner, the Mexican housekeeper Mónica Noguera, added fuel to the fire, confirming the singer's operation and revealing the details of the program. First-hand The presenter said her former was not going to leave the operating room when in the aesthetic procedure the doctor made a serious mistake that put him on the verge of death.

"At the time we were together, he did a very dangerous operation in Los Angeles, in the face, I say it hurts a lot, because this time it was an operation only for his eyes and double chin, but he almost died because the vein was cut.

The doctor cut the vein he should not have and had 3 cuts in the throat; It was bleeding, "said Noguera, who also regretted that the artist's stature is now focused on aesthetics, not on art.

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