Monday , January 18 2021

The controversy over the goal was annulled by Kali against Velez in Sudamericana

Deportivo Cali lost 2 years against Velez in the first round of the Copa Sudamericana. However, in the broadcast of the meeting and social networks There was more talk about the controversial decisions made by the referees of the match than about the result itself.

In the first half, the Colombian team had a goal annulled by VAR. With the first images that were known about the game in which Hon Vazquez scored, both analysts, fans and neutral spectators agreed that the referees were wrong and annulled the result. However, as the minutes go by, Repetitions and even photos have been published that have generated controversy over whether the refereeing team’s decision was correct.

However, this was not the only play discussed. Kali claims that they did not receive a handball in the area of ​​a Velez player and they also complain that the central referee did not expel the goalkeeper from the Argentine team for violent behavior against the striker Vazquez.

Back to the goal that Kali was annulled, it is not clear in the television pictures that the player of the penalty area committed a foul when he jumped with his head, but the same does not happen when reviewing the photos taken by the international press agencies. AFP image shows Vazquez putting his hand in the face of a rival defender, something that could give a reason to the judges who from VAR decided to annul the note.

Velez had two goals in the 74th and 84th minutes, converted by Thiago Almada, to make an important step in his goal of reaching the quarterfinals of South America. Cali had a penalty in the 90th minute, but Carlos Lizarazo missed it.

Next, the photo that opened up the controversy over whether Cali’s goal against Velez was well disallowed:


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