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The contra el narcotraphic coefficients of the indigenous mass spectrum in Cauca – Conflict and Narcotraphy – Justicia

"Trailers of militias nos ayuded the situation, but they are armed with these pressures and my segregated terminals desplazándose otras regions. Mentras are su juego del gato y el ratón, nosotros podemos tener un respiro ”.

Here's a look at what El TIEMPO was doing in an ancestral area near the Tacueyó Reservoir, in the rural area of ​​Toribío, Cauca, in the Gobierno region. The militarists then went into the convention to regulate a massacre of dissidents of the Farc dominated by such territories.

As far as the integrals of Ejército are concerned, they do not enter into an ancestral community, but are historically neutral in that they declare neutral, as if they were illegitimate before the group was illegally penetrated into the territory..

Mentors for algunos are leading the militarization process on a temporal basis, other planets that have problems with Cauca exige medras and a distant second to the narcotraphic contour: resolver for social problems and violent queen azota.
That is, as the author of the region, the massacre of martyrs, the wall that integrates the guardian indigenous and ancestral authority, protagonizada por 'Barbas', the autodenominado frente 'Dagoberto Mejía' de las disidencias.

Where they live within a territorial boundary that is the guardianship of the principality of Tacueyó, there are indigenous detachments of the camion boat and a moto in the despazaban. 'Barbas' y sus hombres, armados con fusiles. Los guardias indígenas les pidieron se se fueran, per reacción de los dissidentes fue disparar.

The massacre that President Ivan Duque made through these minions is in Santander de Quilichao, both of which resulted in a concession to the Fuerzas Militaries and the director of the National Police.

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Get all the information that is available for 40 days in an operational department at Fuerza de Despliegue Rapido n ° 4 (Fudra 4), integrating 2,500 militaries, each with specific objectives: territorial control, no-nonsense traffic. desmantelar las redes criminales.

Iván Duque

President Iván Duque, of the Consejo de Seguridad celebration in Santander de Quilichao, Cauca,

The President stated that "the responsibilites are criminally responsible for the narcotraphic, dissident, residual, which is the cause of the negligence of the narcotraphic and the buscar con cerning the extremes of the expression of the comunidades."

Los responsables del crimen sonar narcotráfico estar, dissidentes, who han querido mantener el negocio del narcotráfico y buscar con las armas acalar las expresiones de las comunidades

The president of the interior ministry, Nancy Patricia Gutierrez, was the last president of the narco-trafficking presidency in the area. most of the communication media are connected to radiotelephony and satellite equipment to facilitate an emergency.

Before most ancestral leaders, there are social problems that come within the area that are no longer subject to military militia.

Aída Quilcué, consejer of the Derechos Humanos of the National Organization of the Indians of Colombia (Onic), as the sonorous system of those in contra. If you want to go to the emergency room before you go to Vienna, “the right to respect is militarized, the Fuerza Pública mismatch is over and over again. Necesitamos that apply to the pactados in La Habana ”.

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Therefore, there are indigenous sources of reclamation that are cumulative in the matter of restoring tigers and sustaining cultivation.

Por parte, Hermes Pete, consejero mayor del Consejo Regional Indígena del Cauca (Cric), Explicitly what the Communidades are evaluating is the theme of the Gobierno Nacional, for which it is important to note that the Gobierno brand is "guaranteed to be a pueblos indigenous".

¿Cómo protegerlos?

The anthropologist Fabian Sanabria is about to advance in the direction of the orbital anchors of the buscar line that concludes the constitutional justification and the indigenous people, estranged before any other anthropologist. This is, in fact, that of the "trabajar de manera coordinada para enfrentar a los criminales".

It is a humanitarian gate that carries a banner of authority over the symbol of authority, and which represents the autonomy of the pueblos indigenously declared neutral by the conflagration.

Diana Quigua, investigator of the Ethiopia of Dejusticia, habitat of the guardian indigenous to these territories. "It is a humanitarian gate that carries a banner of authority, which represents the autonomy of the pueblos indigenously declared neutral by the conflict – but with no armor – that defends territory."

Seal of what is to come in Cauca 'evidencia de debilidades del Estado et ethno et brindar de protección polices, deberían debrícas only medadas adapten a vídeos los pueblos en su territoros y cómo a los aines. that they have no interest in es es zonas ”.

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Cristina Bautista, defensor of los acuerdos de paz

The gobernadora indígena Cristina Bautista.

The gobernadora indígena Cristina Bautista.

"Estoy convencida de que somos más los que queremos la paz que los que quieren la guerra". This is the last photo of Cristina Bautista's indie page on the internet but in the regional communication medium Tiempo real Popayán.

This convention is one of the few that queremos the paz que los the que guerra

In the video, la gobernadora nasa, which is located in the rural area of ​​Toribío, in the northeast of Cauca, has a large community of "resistencia" within a group of armados. "This is a national problem and a major problem in the unidad," said Bautista, who graduated from the Trabajadora Social de la Universidad del Valle.

This indigenous era reconocida as one of the principal defenses of the implementation of the ACCLUSION with Farc. Precisamente, but a leaderboard in the region of varying representations of a pueblo on the exterior.

This is a participatory form of humanitarian aid organized by the ONU in the United States, just to end the blockade of the suroccidental del Pais. This essay explores visibles that can be found indoors, incomprehensibly, and at least in the Fuerza Pública.

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