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Rodrigo Obregan, one of the first Colombian actors in Hollywood, dies

Film and television actor and director Rodrigo Obregan, one of the first Columbians to work in Hollywood productions, He died this Wednesday at a clinic in the town of Barranquilla.

"We left Rodrigo Obregan, a renowned actor and cultural manager, who inherited the passion for the art of his parents, Alejandro Obregan and Sonja Osori. , on his Twitter account.

Rodrigo was the son of Colombian-Spanish painter Alejandro Obregan, one of the most recognizable in the country and dancer and choreographer Sonja Osorio, who created the National Ballet of Colombia in 1960.

The Porto Azul clinic in Baranquilla issued a statement informing that the artist "has been hospitalized since 21 September".

According to the medical center, Obragan had "prostate cancer", which metastasized to his spine.

In addition, he presented a "septic shock of pulmonary focus secondary to pneumonia".

Barranquilla was with Johnny Leguizamo, the Colombian actor who starred in most Hollywood films With about 50 productions.

His career highlights his performance in "Collateral Provision", starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and "Angoango 2" with Franco Nero.

In Colombia he is remembered for the role of Anastasio Espellas in the television series 'Escalona', where he embodied a sinister harmonica that sold his soul to his devil in exchange for recognition as the best performer of this instrument.

The artist began his career at the age of 15 on the Broadway stage in New York and He shared the stage with stars such as Benissio del Toro, Peter Honda, Ernest Borgina, Stella Stevens and Donald Pleasens.

He also set himself apart for leading social activities with The Colombian Ferrida Foundation, which supports injured military forces and the National Police.

Currently, Rodrigo Obregan was responsible for the National Ballet and the House Obregan Museum Foundation. – EFE

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