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Real Madrid mistakes in "exit operation"

He Real Madrid still stuck in an outlet operation which is another major inconvenience when it comes to incorporating reinforcements, the white kit has never been characterized as a good salesman, but lately, it has come out quite well of its outputs, such as Christiano Ronaldo or that of The sea.

However, this campaign by copying the exit door is still significant and the players like it Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez or Mariano, who do not consider Zidane, follow the white discipline.

The first two were not expected to stay at the club during the month of July, nor were they expected to join the training sessions directly due to the tension between Zidane And the same thing, however, they are closer to starting La Liga as the Mercio players than not. With Ames the mistake was made by closing the doors to its two most likely destinations, Atletico de Madrid and Naples. The first to not go on to boost a direct rival (after the sale of Oreoriente) and secondly because he did not end up convincing the Naples bid, a mistake that made the Colombian find no destination less than 20 days to close the market and with an already closed English window.

About Bale It's a mystery Zidane He told a news conference that the sooner it would be better for everyone (shamefully reducing its market price) and, even with them, they would not be able to get rid of Welshmen who were stuck on a white shield, it was said that The main problem is that no team is willing to pay the salary it receives at the Hamartan entity.

It was easier with Mariano, Like Monaco He was very interested and presented a solid offer, which the white club considered insufficient. Trying to tighten the French nuts, they were left with nothing, and that is the team that is training Leonardo ardardim made the official signing of Ben Eder, which completely loses interest in Mariano, who also found no accommodation in more modest clubs for the same reason Bale, his high salary already preventing him, for example, from signing for Betis.

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