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Nairo Quintana: Arkea director talks about doping probe – Cycling – Sport

The director of the French cycling team Archaea, Emanuel Hubert, supported Colombian Nairo Quintana, in the focus of the investigation with his brother Deiner after finding material alleged doping in his room during the last Tour de France and said he had no doubts about his innocence.

“I have no doubt about the likelihood of Nairo Quintana,” Hubert said in an interview published Wednesday in the newspaper. Western France.

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The head of the Breton cycling team assured, however, that he did not have access to the investigation because he could providence, and that he is unaware of the allegations against his Colombian leader.

Marseille prosecutor’s office announces discovery of “numerous medical devices” and methodwhich can be classified as dopant“In the room occupied by Quintana in Meribel, in the Alps, a few days before the end of the tour last September.

Nairo and Dyer

Nairo and Dyer, the Arkea-Samsic team’s Quintana formula.

Agents questioned the two cyclists, as well as a Colombian doctor outside the team, who was taking care of their health during the gala round. Hubert admitted he did not know the facts that, he said, “ they do not understand either“and asked to reach the” bottom of the case “.

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“Either there is something or the case is archived. I want justice to be done, in one sense or another. But unfortunately, preliminary investigations can take months,” he said.

I seek justice to be done, one way or another. Unfortunately, preliminary investigations can take months

The director assured that if “things were very black, something would already be known” from what he concludes existserror in interpretation“The same explanation given by Quintana, who pointed out that French researchers were not aware of the nature of these products.

If things were very black, something would already be known

Hubert confirmed that the Colombians will continue in Archea next season “unless something is proven” and believes that if there is material for their recovery, it would have already been done.

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Regarding the presence of a doctor with the Colombians outside the team, Hubert justified this with the fact that they need someone who also speaks Spanish, so they allowed the one who was treating him to come to the Tour. Nairo after the fall of Colombia in July.

Nairo and Dyer

Nairo had an acceptable season in terms of wins and participations.

The director admitted that the sponsors expressed their concern about the case, but that in the end they regained their trust in the team.


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