Friday , June 18 2021

Mobility experts emphasize the advantages of the new TransMilenio buses

The tender for the new TransMilenio fleet was granted on Friday, November 2, and with it several Mobility Experts and system users expressed the new benefits that buses will bring to the city.

1,383 new buses with more bandwidth and better technologies will reach the city to improve the quality of life of all system users. Of these, 289 bioparticles and 172 articulated will be gas; while the articulated joint 386 and articulated 286 will be powered by Euro V oil.

In the bidding process, Patio de las Américas was ruled out. What happened? Due to the rules of the process, legitimate advocates have already fulfilled their possibilities in terms of specifications, which is why the abandoned declaration was started.

This is the opinion of experts

1. "It has been shown that natural gas can compete with any other fuel because of its cost, availability and articulation of the entire sector chain," said Orlando Cabrales Segovia, president of Naturgas.

In addition, Cabrales Segovia said that "this is just the beginning of a cleaner national public transport system that helps improve air quality in the city, and we hope that we will continue to favor citizens' health in the upcoming fleet and tender renewals."

According to Orlando Cabrales, Segovia BOGOTA IS STILL TOWARDS BETTER AIR QUALITY – Intelligence: After the new fleet was awarded to Transmilenio, where it was announced that 481 buses will operate natural gas, President Naturgas Orlando Cabrales Segovia.

2. For his part, Darío Hidalgo, an expert in the field of mobility, said: "The future of mobility is multimodal and integrated, and when vehicles are used, they must have the correct size, common and zero emissions." This is an introduction to ten principles of common mobility of friendly cities, initiatives of many organizations working for sustainable development of cities around the world.

3. In turn, José Clopatofsky, also an expert in the field of mobility, said that Bogota pollution does not come from TransMilenio buses, because they correspond to 1%, pollution comes from old buses traveling around the city and that they are Euro I technology

4. Ernesto Cortez, the journalist of the newspaper El Tiempo, said in his column that this is good news for the city, so many of them are reluctant to accept it. Bogotá, at least in the TM component, will reduce one of many sources of pollution. Similarly, he stated that it is very easy to order electric or gas buses; criticize Euro V and threaten demagogic demands by sending a tail of straw from here to the moon. TransMilenio will always be the perfect target to clearly win your liking.

The national government was also involved in highlighting the benefits of the new fleet TransMilenio and through the Ministry of the Environment, supported the renewal of buses and considered it positive that gas buses were purchased, similarly, he invited the Mayor's Office for that electric buses are included in the car park waiting for the trunk Forest americas.

Comments in favor of the new TransMilenio buses also appeared on social networking sites, including Jorge Restrepo, a professor at the University of Javeriana and Marcela Carvajal, a Colombian actress.

Jorge Restrepo: I would like us to be so concerned about the pollution and contribution to the global warming of tens of thousands of old trucks that are still used in the country, and we are worried about the emissions of the new TransMilenio buses.

Marcela Carvajal: I think we have to focus on vehicles, tractors, trucks, old cars and factories that also pollute Bogota. They have already bought a new TransMilenio fleet and it pollutes the least.

System users also speak

The arrival of these buses will be very helpful for all users, because thanks to them the mobility will significantly decrease, José Eliecer Aguilar

The arrival of these buses is very good, because we needed it a long time ago. Paulina Ospina

I think it is a good investment and I hope that they solve many mobility problems that exist in the city. Valeria Méndez.

Thus, the new TransMilenio fleet arouses the interest of all capital, which eagerly awaits the arrival of new buses, which will start to arrive gradually from the second half of next year.

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