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Medellin and Tolima lead the semifinals to the League of Agila UNIVERSAL

The penalty of Ángelo Rodríguez on June 3 last year gave him the Deportis Tolima classification to play the final of the Aguilha League in the first half of this year. That charge eliminated Medellin, and now, five months and two weeks later, football returns to the same stage.

Deportivo Independiente Medellin receives this Wednesday at the Atanasio Gerardo stadium, starting at 7 pm, Deportes Tolima in the first round of the Aguila II II 2018 semi-final. The rematch is the word most heard through the capital of Antioch.

The site will now change because in the first semester DIM has been closed at home and was removed, now Piaoyos will host a return game, but before that is the first match on Wednesday, for which the two clubs are low-sensitive.

The powerful will wait until the last minute to the attacker Juan Fernando Casedonot, injured in the first match of the quarter-final against Bukaramanga, with whom coach Octavio Zambrano hopes to recover for this Wednesday. However, if not qualified, his replacement will not be Jean Carlo Blanco, but Leonardo Castro.

For the creative flyer Andres Riccart, the series "will be defined in detail, we have to have a lot of concentration, it will be 180 minutes to drive in a good way." We will try again to take advantage of the important advantage of both the local and the visitor, is that we must have more order and concentration in order not to experience what happened to Bucharamanga. "

Without further news, DIM is waiting for Ibbag team to resign to Venezuelan Lewis Daniel "Carriaco" Gonzalez, who was on the bench in Venezuela's national team against Iran this Tuesday, challenged at Al- Ali in Doha, Qatar is not enough to get to the game.

On the contrary, Alberto Gamero repeated the list that eliminated Santa Fe in the quarter-finals with the figure of his goalkeeper Alvaro Montero and the presence of the shooter Marco Perez, who will fight against the duel especially against German Ezekiel Kano.

The player with piaoos has 16 goals in the semifinals and Kano's escort, who celebrates 17 in this league. The two are close to the record of short tournaments by Miguel Angjel Borja, with 19 celebrations.


Madeline: David Gonzalez, Elvis Perlas, Jesús Murillo, Hernán Pertuz, Sebastian Machias, William Parra, Larry Angulo, Brian Catrillon, Andres Riccort, Leonardo Castro and German Kano.

Technical Director: Octavio Zambrano

Tolima: Álvaro Montero, Nilson Castrillón, Julian Quiñones, Luis Piares, Danís Bangouro, Rafael Carrascal, Carlos Robles, Carlos Rentera, Johannes Orozko, Daniel Catano and Marco Perez.

Technical Director: Alberto Gamero.

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