Sunday , October 24 2021

Like Leones, Millonarios, Bucaramanga and Pasto on the last day of the Águila League


The three eliminated teams (Lions -colero and descended-, Millonarios and Pasto) and one classified (Bucaramanga) will be the judges of Atlético Nacional, Santa Fe, Pasto and Rionegro, respectively, on the last day of the Águila-2 League.

In the hands of these actors is the result of four who will play only two places available for the quarterfinals in the quarterfinals, this Sunday from 17:30. In total, there is a clear desire to win, because each of them deals with their own interests.

Technician Miguel Ángel Russo, For example, he said at a press conference that he was having difficulty leaving Millonarios and accepted the leaders' request to lead the last game against Santa Fe, even if they had agreed to withdraw from the contract. "I will be grateful forever, because at the most difficult stage of my life, the Millionaires were at my side and it has no price," he said through tears.

This gratitude wants to make her a celebration for the celestial in front of her rival for the patio, which will have little time for recovery after today's duel in South America.

Bucaramanga, Rionegro's rival, in addition to the goal of staying among the first four to be seeded and finishing at home, must add points in the standings to aspire to the place in Copa Sudamericana in 2019. He is currently eighth with 58 points.

Nothing is written and an emotional and dramatic day is expected in Itagüí, Palmira, Bogota and Rionegro.

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