Friday , June 18 2021

Laura Olascuaga Pinto: "Reign is a closed cycle"

Four days is the time when Laura Olascuaga Pinto was reborn as a national beauty virreina. Bolivarense resigned on Friday who won the national beauty contest and yesterday the organization accepted his resignation. Why did you decide to leave so soon? (Read here: Señorita Bolívar resigns from the title of Virreina Nacional de la Belleza)

"I have many reasons that are personal, but yes, I think (resignation) is the best thing for my peace, for everything that's coming, for my projects. It's related to many things, with my calmness, with my rest, with my future and because now I feel it is a closed cycle ", says the student of social communication, 23 years, who represented Bolívar in the most recent edition of the National Beauty Contest. (Read here: Meet Laura Olascuaga Pinto, Señorita Bolívar 2018)

It must be said that Laura has always been one of the favorite favorites of this year's crown, but Gabriela Tafur Náder won the last night. She, the representative of Valle, was crowned on the night of Monday, November 12, when the new Miss Columbia and Laura won the second, not very important place. (See here: Film: Gabriela Tafur de Valle, new national sovereign)

"From the beginning I felt the winner, I never lost, I won in the hearts of many, I received many people support and the whole experience, it is obvious that I learned in this process, for me it was crucial, but I want to continue my future to finally finish my career (social communication) and follow with other obligations.

Why are you talking about peace?
– I play this word because the Competition … it's a lot of stress, it puts you down, it's a very big responsibility, of course I was betting in the best way, but I think that the moment of my life will come, I'm going to do 24, the one from which I have to start with my projects not only personal, but also professionals. I gave up to have more time for my family and for me …

What if they propose another competition?
– Actually, when I was a viceroy, I went to another competition (probably Miss International) and that's what I did not want. This is not a social part of the National Competition, because I have always been provided with a queen, but I want to leave my reign behind me. I am very happy with the competition, I am very grateful for everything I have learned, how I say, I feel that I won, but the next fight will be too big. This opportunity would be for someone who really wants … Of course, I prepared myself, like everyone else, for Miss Colombia, and if I won, of course I was still with everything, but let's say I'm at the stage of my life that I want to continue my projects .

There are those who comment that you gave up because you do not know how to lose … what would you say?
– I would say that I feel like a winner, I have never felt like a loser. I have not won the crown, but the hearts of many people. This is not a failure, it's a profit.

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