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Latin GRAMMY 2018: essays by Karol G, Pablo Alborán, Victor Manuelle, Angela Aguilar in Las Vegas


The first who came to the stage and set the tone Colombian Karol Gwhich has two nominations for Latin GRAMMY 2018: The best new artist and the best urban song. Dressed in short jeans, a black shirt, gray sweatshirt and high-heeled shoes, she practiced a dynamic presentation over and over again, with the same passion and dedication.

Supported by her team, composed of women, her four choristers and his inseparable DJ FeloKarol G did not leave the platform until he was sure rock spin, which gave one of his biggest hits He was solid, unsurpassed.

In the pictures, passion without borders in the first attempts to deliver the Latin GRAMMY 2018


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Apart from Univision, a young Colombian assured that she had not prepared herself no acceptance message awards. "Oh, no!", He slowed down and when he kissed and hugged his dad, he admitted it he is horrified by the thought that he can win longed-for prize.

Another one, which too he did not think whether he wins or not, is a Spanish singer and songwriter Pablo Alboránwho came to Las Vegas, Nevada, with four nominationsFor over 30 minutes, he practiced impregnation in the company of his team with a sense of his resignation from success "It will not be"with which he is nominated Latin GRAMMY 2018 down Recording the year.

"There are times when I hear and there are times when I do not do it," he naturally exclaimed when he finished one of his versions and asked to start again.

He is faithful to his tradition of honoring perfection during the gala he is celebrating The Latin Recording Academy all translators operate live, proving that their talent is real, free from corrections or technical adjustments in any research.

It is not only a voice, but also an interpretation of various musical instruments. The first large sample was given The Recoditos, nominated in the category The best music album of the band with your production "Tastes that I give"The team, which was close to 30 years of career, devoted very little time to preparing the presentation "See you".

It was the same with that Caliber 50, nominated to Latin GRAMMY with The best Northern Music album by "War for Power"which he interpreted three times his story of "Corrido de Juanito" and they were enough to seal what would be their performance next Thursday.

The next refinement of his performance was "sonero de la Juventud", salsero Víctor Manuelle, which together with his orchestra and the big rhythm of dance, set the mood while trying to live a presentation "I want time", Nominated to The best salsa album according to production "25/7" He visited three quarters of the stage, being the first who used so much space for his "performance".

Last on Monday he was on stage quinceañera Ángela Aguilar, which has two nominations to Latin GRAMMY, Around 8:00 Pacific Time, translator "Crying woman" He wrapped the sand in a wave of feelings.

Angela Aguilar he knows his voice and manages it, as few artists, older and more experienced, have potential. Under the watchful eye of her father, singer and songwriter Pepe Aguilar and his brother, Leonardo Aguilar, a young woman has provided several versions of the theme, deciding whether to use a microphone stand, taking into account that on Thursday she will use a sensual dress.

From the final result of everything that has been practiced we will be witness this Thursday, through Univision, live broadcast from the nineteenth edition of the prizes begins Latin GRAMMYfrom 20:00 / 7 ° C, after an hour of red carpet. All information about how to track Latin GRAMMY here.

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