Sunday , June 20 2021

"I will not testify in the trial against Chapo Guzman": Kate Del Castillo

During her stay in Cartagena, actress Kate Del Castillo was not only dedicated to shooting scenes from the series inspired by the life of a dangerous drug dealer La Reina del Sur, but also took the opportunity to make some statements in the program "Al rojo de vivo "from Telemundo.

As reported by Heraldo, a Mexican actress and involved in a big scandal with the brand "Chapo", Guzman refused to testify at a trial in the United States.

"At some point they talked about it, but until now they did not call me – thank God, the truth – so I will not testify. I've never been warned, so I'm not," said actress journalist Jessica Maldonado, who traveled to Cartagena to hear his statements.

She also starred in performances such as "Ingobernable", "La Mentira" and "Bajo la misma piel," that although she has heard and knows some aspects of much publicity the trial against the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, which is happening today in federal court in Brooklyn (New York); She is very busy following it in detail.

"I do not have time to follow it perfectly, but if I find out about some things, but I really do not have time," he said in an interview that would take place during an island shooting near the city.

Del Castillo also ruled out the possibility of being invited to his country's newly elected president, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obord, and added that he would not return to Mexico until he had fulfilled all the working responsibilities he had at the moment.

"They did not invite me and although they do not invite me, I do not want to re-participate with a government at first, because the vote is finally secret and I do not want anything political in that sense," he said.

Kate Del Castillo does not visit Mexico two years ago after exploding the scandal with her alleged friendship with Chapo Guzman.

The actress was involved in a legal process in her country, and in several interviews said she did not feel safe returning, as the government did not offer guarantees at that moment.

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