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GTA VI location filtered: Vice City

If Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the biggest secrets kept by Rockstar Games, it's also Grand Theft Auto's new installment, GTA VI. At this point, the billionaire sales and public success that was GTA V remaining on the charts every week in 2019 is more than obvious given that the initial launch of the Xbox 360 was in 2013.

Just as this is the case, the location is usually one of the biggest unknowns, as each of them means a completely different setting that conditions the game and its theme. Today it seems that we finally can't treat this information as rumors, if not leaks, because according to this document that tweet @SayCheeseDGTLHe shared that Rockstar is visiting locations in South Florida, where Vice City would be Miami's "GTA."

GTA VI location filtered: Vice City

GTA VI will be based on three different ages

But SayCheese does not stay there, he also dares to confirm it new tweet that GTA IV will take place in South Florida, Vice City, with swamps around towns and small islands. Will be based on 3 different ages and cars and buildings will change over time and the map will be larger than that of GTA V, with the possibility of hurricanes and everything.

The truth is that based on the document, we do not know exactly where he managed to get all this new information, but in terms of Vice City it is not the first time to speculate that it will take place at city ​​of vice, so it's more of a leak.

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