Thursday , November 26 2020

Grand Theft Auto includes Hacienda Naples on its map

“Hitting Cayo Perico” is the name Rockstar Games gave to the new expansion of the online version of the hit game Grand Theft Auto. The update will be available from December 15, 2020 and can be played solo or in teams.

The news was confirmed by the investor Rockstar on its website and its social networks, and the reaction of the players is satisfactory.

Get ready to infiltrate the remote island complex of the world’s most famous drug lord in the biggest, most ambitious and silly update of Grand Theft Auto Online: The Key Perico Heist, says the description from Rockstar Games.

Some of the videos presented on the company’s Twitter account can detail the scenario that GTA fans will face from the second week of December.

But the striking resemblance between the entrance to Cayo Perico and that of Hacienda Napols, which belonged to drug lord Pablo Escobar, is still a reminder to Colombians of the country’s most difficult time in the drug trade.

There were those who pointed out the similarity of the scenarios on Twitter.

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