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Grace, on the Latin Grammy route

About Reeerick Randan The next Latin gala gala will be full of emotion: it will not only be her first appearance at the most important music awards in Latino, but she will also be nominated for Best New Artist.

Singer and actress Kalesha admits that, although she has been invited to past releases, she didn't want to attend, all because she wanted her look to be something big, like on occasion: a nomination.

He compares this moment in his career with certification. "It's similar to confirming your Instagram account."

He still does not know what he will wear that day, November 14, in Las Vegas, although it is clear that it is time to define the costumes.

"It was a whole shockI knew there was a possibility, but I didn't let the topic bother me or worry about being nominated or not, so it surprised me, because there were so many aspiring artists. If it happens, very nice; otherwise, it didn't matter; all that comes to you is because you deserve it. " This is how he talks about the award that Paul Carroll G. got it just a year ago.

Next weekend he will be at a concert in Madeleine, Brutal, La Macarena, alongside his partner Mike Baha and Pizzo 21, among others.

The song will premiere until the days of Grammy. He will release his album for the first quarter of 2020.

Although his life has changed a lot in the last year, with trips and shows, he is increasingly attributed to the surroundings, his home, his animals, Michael (Mike Bay), his family, who make their sex land as it defines .

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