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Extranjero que acusó a model colombiana de estafadora dice que fue amenazado de muerte | EL UNIVERSAL

“Before Colombia is the largest city in the world, there are 45 national and los Colombian nations. But you have 17 minutes to spend on one of the most expensive and most affordable bus decks in Colombia. Paola me escribió y comenzamos a hablar de amor, de un hogar juntos, de hijos ”.

Esso contó el estadounidense Brian Harrington, who is viral at the end of semana finals to a fitness model soledña Leida Esther Lambraño Ariza, conocida with Paola Ariza, but estafa.

Brian contests the story by redesigning the socials and denouncing the authorship of Paola, which is the trend on Twitter. The images below are images of all kinds of conversations that take place around the world, both in terms of economics. The weight of 6 millones per peso.

I just got it

No matter how private Harrington's route through Barranquilla is, just after the semana finale, just before the jungle, you will find a directory of false and encrypted messages.

Cientos de memes y burlas have recaptured Harrington but redes. There are 'santo cachón', 'don tuvo', 'viejo verde', 'pago pato', 'mandarinosky' and hasta 'bobo' embargo, both of which have to be respected, as well as respected status quo. “Ya no quiero nada con ella. Yo busca una mujer de buen corazón. No me quiero quedar solo, yo quiero una pareja pero que no sea mentirosa ”, expresó en una entrevista.

Brian is currently the subject of a search in Colombia but no experience is currently available. “This is a very useful hobby. Con Paola ya no quiero nada, ella es home. Cuando fu a denunciarla in the Barranquilla Police, I think that is what the heck antes y con europeos ”, apuntó.

Aggregate that is the target of amenazas but part of allegations.

En boca de todos

Leida is the theme of the moment in el país. Los memes por los que hizo con el extranjero están por todas partes. Look no further than Twitter and take to Instagram a video of Mr Black's 'Trapitos al agua' cancellation. No se pronuncia sobre el caso.

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