Thursday , November 26 2020

Epa Colombia says Attorney General’s Office and TM want to put her in jail

In her Instagram stories, the “influencer”, who recently underwent 5 facial surgeries, said that thanks to the coronavirus pandemic he does not have to wear an electronic bracelet which must be used by people on probation like her (convicted of vandalism for the damage she caused to a Transmilenio station a year ago).

Barrier even indicated that the Prosecution and Transmilenio were seeking to imprison herTherefore, according to her, the prosecution and the transport company would be vigilant to catch her committing a crime.

“What are they really looking for?” “That I go to a disco or fight, that I provoke someone on the street, that I have a problem with Invima with my business and I am legalized to keep it up to date,” he said.

With that in mind, Epa Columbia, which opened an apartment two months ago, said it would avoid any situation that could put it behind bars or make it wear the aforementioned bracelet.

“I will not give them a leg to put me there and put a handle on me, I will not allow that. “I behave reasonably, I will not have any scandal, no court case, nothing, I can not,” she said.

According to her, the “influential” too regrets that his business was closed, with which, according to the famous portal Protagonist, he referred to the recent closure of one of his hairdressers.

In addition, Barrera also pointed this out In total, he paid about 70 million pesos in damages to Transmilenio, a number that does not match the one she discovered last September.

A video in which “Epa Columbia” says that the Prosecutor wants to put her in prison:

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