Friday , June 18 2021

Enigma of a cyanide bottle at the Pizano home in Colombia's main news Radio Santa Fe 1070 am

"The Attorney General's office said he was deepening his investigation into the discovery of a jug of cyanide in the home where Jorge Enrique Pizano, the key witness in the Odebrecht case and his son Alejandro, died.

A bottle with deadly poison was found hidden in a plastic bag in the second-floor bathroom, where there are rooms used by the children of the late auditor Ruta del Sol Concessionaire, Jorge Enrique Pizano.

The prosecutor's office informed that the commercial premises where the cyanide jar was sold were already located. In total, 12 pots were sold, and in the case of six of them, the invoice name was given to the buyer.

Referring to the discovery of a jar of cyanide in the bathroom in which the late Jorge Enrique and Alejandro Pizano, based in the Subachoque commune, Cundinamarca, legal medicine carries out the relevant analyzes to determine who took it, the prosecutor said.

The statement of poison was confirmed during the inspection in the presence of the prosecutor general and members of the Pizano family.

In particular, two prosecutors intervened in legal proceedings, the widow of Jorge Enrique Pizano Inés Elvira Ponce de León, his two daughters, Juanita and María Carolina, and two nephews.

A cyanaro bottle was found in the auxiliary bathroom drawer, behind the partition and mini-component.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, Alejandro, the son of Jorge Enrique Pizano, died on November 11 in the house in which his father, Jorge Pizano, a witness in the Odebrecht case died of a heart attack.

Legal Medicine moved Alejandro's body section exams and concluded that the cause of death was cyanide poisoning.

The prosecutor's office indicated that the evidence collected helped establish that the victim had found cyanide in a flavored bottle of water found on his father's desk.

The fact is that no cyanide was found in the biological remains of Jorge Pizano, according to the verdict of legal medicine

On 16 November, the director of legal medicine, Carlos Valdés, said that after analyzing the samples taken in the autopsy of Jorge Pizano: "the result was negative for cyanide, no cyanide found in any of the tissues, or the solution that contained them".

Dicahos analyzes were run in parallel by two laboratories of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, which have an appropriate international accreditation: one in Bogota and the other in Ibagué, and two completed the same.

Therefore, it was reported that no analysis of the causes of death of Jorge Pizano will be carried out and that it is still an acute myocardial infarction, the cause of his death, that is, the first opinion issued by Facatativá hospital.

Valdés confirmed that the death of Alejandro Pizano, son of Jorge, corresponds to the consumption of cyanide, the substance in his blood and the liquid of the bottle he swallowed.

Analysis and results excluded the possibility that Jorge Pizano died of poisoning, but the prosecution instituted an investigation to determine the reasons for the presence of cyanide in a bottle of water in his home.

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