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Confession of the author of the Samanigo massacre, Narisho

These are the “Cúcuta” aliases, which according to the authorities have surrendered to justice and become a key witness. This man told how the massacre of 8 young people in the municipality of Narisho was carried out.

His confession was read by the prosecutor in the case of the indictment hearing and the request for reassurance to the other defendants, whose arrest was announced by President Ivan Duke and Prosecutor Francisco Barbosa, last Thursday, October 22.

In his story, compiled by Noticias Caracol, alias Cúcuta, he begins by turning off the lanterns just before arriving at the house and coming from behind to the house where the young people were having fun. Then he begins his sharp statement about the massacre:

“Kevin immediately shot Patio with a rifle, I see him hitting him from the front. ‘Fercho’ killed Domeko with a gun to his back, Domeko remains seated at the beginning of the patio. Then I see him fighting Kevin and Koran; “Koran runs out and at that moment Kevin shoots him in the back and he falls down.”

After that first scene described by the man who claims to have taken part in the killings, he says they went to a room to remove the people who were there because there were at least 30 people present at the meeting.

Then, after we have gathered them together, a second moment of shooting is presented, according to another excerpt from the confession, quoted by Semana:

“Then Pava pushes Campos and shoots him in the back with a rifle. There I shot Sebastian Quintero with a gun; I do not know if he was injured before, what I do know is that I shot him on the floor and then Kevin fired into the air.

There, as the killer and now a witness admitted, the escape began: “We hurried to the road. It took us about three minutes to reach the main road “in that area of ​​Narisho.

The van was supposed to take them, but the vehicle was not there even when they arrived and instead, they passed by other citizens who scared them so as not to say that they had seen them: “At that moment a motorcycle arrived with a man and a girl, Kevin and Pava came back to threaten them, hitting them with their feet and a rifle at them.”.

But those two people were not the only ones they saw, says alias ‘Cúcuta’, because as soon as the driver who was supposed to pick them up came, they crossed into another car. The witness says that the man who identified himself as Kevin shot the vehicle several times, also to intimidate his passengers.

After all this happened, this man assured that they must return to the place of the massacre and told why: “Already when we were at Franco’s house, Pava said to Kevin: ‘Marica, we screwed up, you had to kill Camilla because she recognized us.

In addition, he assured that a few hours later some of his accomplices went out into the area to collect weapons.

Elsewhere in the hearing, the prosecutor in the case stated that one of the defendants had a strategy to evade justice:

“They offered him the benefit of being able to register with an indigenous council and thus avoid any dealings with his legal status, because eventually indigenous people never go to a place of detention.”

However, the motives behind the massacre were not clear at the hearing and therefore new catches are expected. More details about the protected witness’s confession and hearing:

Victims of the Samanigo massacre

– Laura Michel Melo Riascos, 19 years old.
– Brian Alexis Quaran, 25 years old.
– Byron Patio, 24 years old.
– Camp Elias Benavides, 19 years old.
– Daniel Steven Vargas, 22 years old.
– Escar Andres Obando, 17 years old.
– Sebastian Quintero, 24 years old.
– Ruben Dario Ibarra, 20 years old.

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