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Brian Rovyra's statements about his desire to return to Nacional. | Colombian football Eagle League

Brian Rovyra's statements about his desire to return to Nacional. | Colombian football Eagle League | Football<br />

The midfielder is on loan in Bukaramanga, and in December he will have to return to Antioquia.

Brayan Rovira

Brian Rovira was excellent in this second semester, and with 18 matches and three goals was one of the best players in Bukaramang.


Jaime Moreno / CEET

Brian Rovira is one of the players who must return to Atletico Nacional in December. Rovira is loaned to Atletico Bucararanga and when the match against Independiente Medellin ended with a return to the quarterfinals of the Colombian tournament, the midfielder told the journalist he had a desire to stay at the Leopard club but later said he would like to return in Antioquia Green.

Arley Durán Gómez has published a tweet in which the manager told the right to the owner of Bukararanga to do everything to stay because Athletic National had asked for it. As a result, Rovira had to close her Twitter account for the insults she received as many thought she did not want to return to Nacional.

On the YouTube channel "Tiro de Esquina", Duran talked with Rovira to explain what had happened. "I never said that I will not go to Nacional, I do not know why people have taken it so far. If they ask me if I want to continue in Bukaramanga, I say yes."

However, the midfielder said that in January he could fulfill his dream of dressing himself in the shirt of Atletico Nacional. "In January I have maybe it's my dream to return to the National. Who does not want to play in Nacional? It's my dream and I always had it in my goals."

Finally, he re-opened his Twitter account in which he published a message where he expressed his desire to return to National. "I have 21 years and seven of my colors are those of Nacional, which gave me the opportunity to show my conditions." My sports rights belong to Nacional. "I do not think a player who wants to have a remarkable and lasting career does not dream to wear shirts National ".

Simon Gomez Cordoba
Football correspondent

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