Monday , August 10 2020

An asteroid on the Grand Pyramid of Guiza pass (de nuevo) near Tierra

The asteroid 2019 SX5 has a Terca ace of 10 october. NASA is estimated to have an altitude of 62 meters and 140 meters in diameter, the most exotic rock climbing track in the Grand Pyramid of Guinea.

The 2019 SX5 has alcanoed to the top of a new planet alrededor de 23:07 GMT, unplugged 78,900 kilometers but horaseg eln el Centro de Estudios de Objetos Cercanos a la Tierra (CNEOS) de NASA.

The trayectoria del objeto paso at a distance of más de for millions of kilometers, see elevada como para present una amenaza para nuestro planeta. Comparatively, Venus is just 40 miles from Tierra del Norte.

According to NASA's definition, solo objetos obey a superior timetable of 140 meters on califados with potential pilgrimages to nuestro planets. Those having inferior dimensions no more than a mile of 7.48 million kilometers correspond to the categorized oblique objects to Tierra (NEO, but not included) and no single component.

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