Sunday , October 24 2021

Alleged homicide in Puerto Espejo: authorities caught the former boy victim of La Crónica del Quindío


The victim was identified by the authorities as Luz Helena García Vega, 37 years old.

Alleged homicide in Puerto Espejo: the authorities captured the victim's former boyfriend

Luz Helena García Vega. / Private file

In the early hours of this Monday in Puerto Espejo district and alleged homicide in which he lost his life Luz Helena García Vega and his former sentimental partner was found responsible for the crime.

Near 1:30 a.m. In block 26 of the Chilacoa residential complex, neighbors call Police Quindío, because they heard a strong discussion. When they came and knocked on the door, they did not participate in uniforms.

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"The police officers were waiting and at that moment the door was opened by a man who was asked to verify the apartment, and the body of a lifeless woman is in the bathroom." The subject was caught immediately, "he reports Colonel Luis Hernando Benavides Guancha, commander of the institution.

Authorities have stated that the authority of García Vega He introduced a few blows.

For his part, the 37-year-old arrested was identified as a former sentimental partner of the victim.

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Informed the police colonel they are waiting for the public to legalize the capture of the unit.

It is expected that along with the investigation of the police and police Public prosecutor one can explain the event in which a citizen who was known to be 37 years old died, came from Armenia and left two children, one of whom was a minor.


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