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AES Chivor will build a solar park in Meta owned by Ekopetrol

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With this project, the state-owned oil company will increase its capacity in renewable energy from 43 MW to 63 MW at the end of 2019.

In the municipality of Castilla La Nueva, Ekopetrol concludes an agreement for the construction of a solar park.Ecopetrol

The company AES Chivor was elected by Ekopetrol to carry out the construction work on his first solar megapark in the municipality Castilla La Nueva in the Meta department, the oil company said in a press release.

The solar complex will have a installed capacity of 20.4 megawatts and will enable it to provide part of the required energy on the Castile field, the country's second largest, the report said.

The company in charge of construction, a subsidiary of AES Gener, has many years of experience in the development of alternative energy projects in Chile, Colombia and Argentina. The implementation of the project will be carried out in an approximate area of ​​18 hectares, where about 60,000 solar panels will be installed.

The Ecopetrol report says that The installed capacity is greater than 20 MW it is equivalent to the consumption of 16 thousand homes. It is estimated that the solar plant will start operating in the second half of 2019.

Once the factory is built, will prevent an air pollution of more than 81 thousand tonnes of CO2 during the life of the contract, 60 percent more than projected during the project planning phase, says the Colombian oil company.

The solar park will also reduce the cost of electricity associated with the Castilla field directly driven by Ecopetrol. "This milestone marks an important step in Ecopetrol's bid for solar energy projects and is aligned with the company's goal of having a more diversified and clean energy matrix," said Ecopetrol president. Felipe Bayon.

Remember the local oil company that the Ecoprotrol Group already has a capacity of 43 MW of renewable energy in Meta. This includes the production of energy through biomass in the plant Bioenergy, for which you have cultivated 20,000 hectares
sugar cane. Part of this energy is used in the work of the largest ethanol plant in the country, and the remainder is delivered to the national system.

Ecopetrol Overall, it has a portfolio of renewable energies of 181 MW for the coming years, including the Castilla project, as well as other solar and hydraulic energy initiatives in production fields and transport stations.

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