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Yutian Park was officially arrested. I still do not know how the ice enters the body.

The original title: Yutian Park was officially arrested. I still do not know how the ice enters the body.

Yutian Park accepts the trial

On the 26th, the Park accepted the trial before the detention and left the court. (Yonhap)

According to Yonhap news agency, Korean artist Park Yo-Soo, who was suspected of taking drugs, was officially handed over to the detention center after being investigated for the necessary arrests at the Suwon District Court on the 26th. The park Yoo-Tung appeared in the local courtyard in Gyeonggi-do water source this afternoon. After more than an hour of court hearings, police officially handed Park Joo-yo to the detention center.

In addition, the police responded positively to their drug test, but advocated not knowing how the drug entered the body. He also said that among the drug suspects who tested positively at the National Science Research Institute, Park Joo-Joy was the first person to refute the precision assessment.

According to reports in Hong Kong, it was expected that the review would end in twilight or evening. I did not expect that at 3:38 local time in South Korea, the Yutian Park was formally arrested. He was tied to the police line, and the foxes of the gray cloth, accompanied by a police officer. Yoo-yo Park left the court however did not answer the journalist's question, but revealed a dignified expression. Yutian Park was arrested and once again, he insisted that he did not take drugs and he did not teach the fiancée of his fiancé, Huang Ena. It is said that the police overcame the drug and video surveillance of Park Ji-Tian for suspecting drug procurement, and he will be sent to a police station in the southern police station in the province of Gionji.

According to a previous report from the network, the South Korean drug-fighting team in southern Korea searched the house and vehicles on Park 16, and the urinary test was negative. Send an inspection. The National Institute of Scientific Research of Korea informed the police on the 19th that the ice was discovered in the hair of the legs. At the 25th, Mr Park first responded, believing that the test results were authoritative, but still insist that the Park has no medication and analyzed how the ice enters the body of Park Yoo-hyun and has been discovered.

Pu Youtian, a fiancé and founder of Nanyang Dairy, was arrested for alleged drug abuse. When interviewed, she admitted to using drugs because of the artist's involvement. Since Hwang had previously communicated with Park Yoo-yo, the parties speculated that Park You-day could be included.

On 16, South Korean police searched Park Yu-Soo. (Yonhap)

On the 10th of this month, Park Yutian held a press conference, claiming that he had never used drugs. If he needs to accept police investigations, he will actively cooperate.

Yutian Park "I miss" photos

Yoo-yo Park is 33 years old, a singer and actor. The former member of the Korean male team, Dong Beng Shin Chi, starred in many popular Korean plays like "The House of Kings", "I Miss You" and "Girls who see the taste."

Victim of Yutian Huang Haina Park (AsiaNews)

Yutian Park was suspected of buying 1.5 grams of ice poison three times in the second and third months of this year, and his former fiancée, Huang Ena, took 5 times. Huang Ena, granddaughter of South Korean founder Nanyang Milk, has been arrested for alleged drug abuse. (Overseas network Li Fang and Liu Qiang)Go back to Sohu and see more


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