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Yesterday, there was a big event in the entertainment industry. "Chen Yunnan was arrested for taking drugs". The city's gate hit a fire and a pool of fish that ignited a fire at Baojun Automobile. This year, Yuquan held an anniversary of 20 years, and Baojun Automobile is one of the famous brands. As Chen Yunnan was arrested, Yu Quan canceled the concert in Guangzhou, and Baojun Automobile was forced to oust the promotion of Yu Quan.

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It is understood that Baojun Automobile sponsored 6 Yuquan concerts, and the last one was the concert in Guangzhou. Today, you can also find many promotional articles like "Baojun 530 and Yuquan" and "Bao Jun for free to send tickets for Yuquan concerts".

With Yu Quan canceling the concert in Guangzhou, the screen was sent online. It is understood that the screen comes from the WeChat group of Baojun's auto dealers. The content is that dealers and the media platform will be released under the emergency of Yuquan. All orders will be completed before November 29th.

Screen Shoot Store 356 - Baojun sponsored the Yuquan Concert _ Baidu search _ - https ___

Specific content: "Please ask all dealers, in the platform for self-media (public number, official website), collection platform and showrooms, including distributors and employees WeChat friends to check if there is relevant publicity for Yuquan and Baojun Automobile, Materials and Texts for Communication should be completed before November 29th. "

It is understood that after the launch of Baojun 530 in March, sales were short-lived. In the first few months of the Bayouin list, monthly sales often exceeded 10,000 vehicles. In May this year, the sales volume exceeded 17,000 units, which was once considered the successor to Haval H6.

However, Baojun 530 did not continue to write the fame of Baojun 510. After May, the monthly sales volume showed a decline in the basin. In September, sales were less than 9,000 units, and in October only 2,973 units were sold, down 66.6% from the previous month. The reason is that the position of the Baojun Automobile product is too high, the SUV market is not good, and the price of the competitor is reduced.

This time, due to the accident of the selected spokesman, the series of propaganda of the Baojun Auto was interrupted and the hope for revitalization of Baojun 530 was again interrupted.

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