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Xu Jiaying Touring Taipei Field Day2 Lao Xiaoshuai as a provincial speaker | Xiao Jingteng | Epoch times

On the 2nd, Taipei dome resumed its second performance. Ksu Xu Jiaying sang "Tiaojiao", the golden song Wang Xiao Jingteng ("Epoch Times, December 3, 2018") Xu Jiaying (LaLa) is the flagship version of the Japanese Savior. Lao Shia suddenly appeared on the stage and detonated the atmosphere of the audience. The two men compiled "Tiaoyao" and "Wang Hao" into the apartment, and the scene was hot.

Xu Jiang (left) continued his second performance in the Taipei arena. She and the old Xiao (right) sang "Tiaxao" and "Wang Hao" in a group, with great performance. (Secured Asian Music)

Lau and Lao Xiao collaborated for the first time in the song "I am a singer", and at that time Xu Jiang was in the "helping to sing" relationship and began the friendship with Xiao Jingteng. In the near future, it was in the "King of Sound Forest", LaLa privately mentioned Lao Xiao once said amazingly: "How much better?" More jokes: "Who will die?"

LaLa feels that Xiao Xiao is very powerful, just like the "decathlon", can not only write singing, gold music host awards, acting, imitation, sing and sing, especially two are full of love for cats, dogs and dogs. LaLa admire: "He has 10 cats and dogs in his house, which is unbelievable!"

She also feels that Lao Xiao is very difficult for herself and is a model for everyone. Referring to the two men's apartments from "Tiaojiao" and "Wang Hao", she humorously stated that the concept is "Wang Yili is a proud person" and that she is singing "Wang Hao" and previously loved this song, but selfish I want to I hear Xiao Jingteng sing "Tiao Jiao", "Today is also a desire."

The combination of the golden songs and the golden songs of the songs caused a pleasant reaction from the audience, both of which tied the scorpion heads and were taciturn, especially the old Xiao was to endure the back pain caused by playing basketball, and friendship touched. When Xu Jiang and Xiao Jingteng sang on the stage, they also jumped out of the shoulder and stood up.

It is worth mentioning that LaLa and Lao Xiao continued the tradition of the first night of the "words that speak" to Urchin MJ116. The evening was over and after the beautiful song, and the performance ended at the top of the atmosphere.

After the incident, Xiao Xiao joked that he adhered to the direction of the directional group. When the overall color was used, everyone remained intertwined in whether to speak or not. He said: "If you want to talk to Xu Jiang, lift up the phone and you can talk!"

Xu Jing (LaLa) "Savior of the Day" tour continued its second performance in the Taipei Arena on the 2nd. (Secured Asian Music)

In the second game of Xu Jiang, there are many more friends in the circle who are present, including Xin Xiaoqi, Wei Li, an Wang Xinling, Jiang Meiqi, Meng Yuru, Zeng Peici, Wei Ruzhen, Guan Shiman, Soda Green Agong, LuLu Huang Luyi, EriKa Liu Aili, Chen Shiyan, Ding Dang, Qu Jiarui, producer Chen Xinghan and others, it is obvious that LaLa is a good person.

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