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Xinhua news agency comment on the top ten China athletes: Wang Shuang Wu Lei on the list Zhu Ting in the column _ Asian Games

Original title: Xinhua news agency comment on the top ten athletes in China: Wang Shuang Wu Lei on the list Zhu Ting in the column

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 26 The Ministry of Sports of the Xinhua news agency announced the 2018 top ten athletes in China:

1. Wu Daing (male, 24-year-old, short track)

Wu Daing won the 500m champion marathon champion for short races at the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang and set a world record twice, winning only a gold medal for the Chinese delegation at the Winter Olympics and realizing the sole event of Chinese men on ice. Breakthrough on the gold medal at the Winter Olympics. In November, at the World Cup in the United States, Salt Lake City in 500 meters, Wu Daing won the championship with 39 seconds 505, and rewrote the world record.

2, Su Bingtian (male, 29 years, song)

Su Bingtian won 100m men of the Asian Games in Jakarta with a record 9 seconds 92. Earlier, he ran 9 seconds 91 in the World Track and field challenge Madrid and the Diamond League of Paris, tied the Asian record. Indoors, Su Bingtian won the men's 60m men's championship in a triple world indoor indoor tournament, won the championship of the project and refreshed its 60m Asian record twice, then won the silver medal of men at 60m World indoor indoor championship. He rewrote the Asian record of 6 seconds 42, creating the best result for Asian players on the project.

3. Xu Jiayu (man, 23 years, swimming)

Xu Jiayu won three championships in the 50, 100 and 200-meter-back of the Asian Games in Jakarta, and won two gold medals, and the hardware became the most talented player in the Chinese team. He also won all three gold medals in the back in the two consecutive FINA World Cup events, including the world record record of 100 meters in Tokyo, with a score of 48 seconds 88. At the end of the year, he won the silver medal on the back 100 meters at the World Swimming Championships in the skiing pool.

4, Zhu Ting (female, 24 years old, volleyball)

As captain, Zhu Ting led the Chinese team to return the women's volleyball championship to the Asian Games and won the bronze medal at the Women's Volleyball World Championship. In addition, Zhu Ting won the Women's Volleyball League with the team of Wakef Banka and helped the team defend the Champions League in Europe for women and the World Cup, winning the world's top-quality World Cup player and the best main attack .

5, Yu Wenjun (female, 27 years, chess)

Yu Wenjun beat Tan Zhongyi at the World Championship women's championship in May, becoming China's sixth chess world after the game. In November, she won the World Chess Championship and was sealed twice in a year.

6, Wang Shuang (female, 23 years old, football)

Wang Shuang was elected to Asian football in 2018, becoming the fourth Chinese player to win this honor after Sun Wen (1999), Bai Jie (2003) and Ma Xiaoxu (2006). She scored 4 goals in the women's Asian Cup, helped the Chinese team to win the third place and won the silver medal in the Asian Games in Jakarta. In August, Wang Shuang joined the French team of Saint-Germain.

7, Wu Lei (male, 27 years, football)

In the Super League this season, Wu Lei of the Shanghai Shanghai team broke the record for a season-old local player with 27 goals (without penalty), won the best player and the best scorer in the Super League and helped the Shanghai Team to topple the seven-year-old monopolist of Guangzhou Henda and won the Super League championship.

8, Gong Lijun (female, 29 years, path)

Gong Liuyun defended champion shooting women of the Asian Games in Jakarta. This year won two championships in the Diamond League of the IAAF, with a record 20-31 in Monaco. He then won the Diamond League final and again won the Diamond Award after 2017.

9, Shi Tingxi (female, 27 years old, diving)

At the World Diving Championship, Shi Tingjun won two gold medals for female double and double 3m boards. At the Asian Games in Jakarta, she won three consecutive championships of three medals of three medals and won only three championships, scoring National Games and Asian Games. Gold medal "full slam" in the competition of the 3m World Cup, World Cup and Olympic Games. She was also elected female FINA women's female for the fourth time in a row.

10, Xiao Ruoteng (male, 22 years, gymnastics)

Xiao Ruoteng won the men's team and the championship championship of the World Championship in Gymnastics in Doha. Although he was equal to the champion in all men's competitions, he won a silver medal for breaking the rules. At the Asian Games in Jakarta, he won the men's team championship, the second-placed reporter, the individual versatile and the third runner of the horizontal bar project. (End)Return to Sohu and see more

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