Saturday , April 17 2021

Wu Lei scored the second goal of the media in La Liga: he is the best in the game _ sports dynamics – entertaining news

Xinhua News Agency, Madrid, April 24 (Xie Yuzhi) Wu Lei scored the second goal of La Liga! In the 34th La Liga league session held on 24th, the result of a Chinese striker helped the Spaniard to defeat Celta 1: 1 at home.

After the last round they did not get the chance to play, this round Wu Lei returned to the starting lineup. After the opening, he several times threatened the offensive, and in the 32nd minute the Spaniard took the lead in breaking the deadlock: after the success against the offside, Wu Lei killed him on the edge of the small limited area and took the volley to take it out the ball in the net. Help the Spaniard to lead the opponent with 1: 0. After the goal, Wu Lei excitedly kissed the team's logo of the jersey, this is his second goal in La Liga.

Although in the end Celta equalized the goal with Maxi Gomez's goal, the Spaniard failed to get the three points needed to enter the European theater at home, but Wu Lei's performance won the unanimous praise for the Spanish media. . "Marca" said Wu Lei had reached "hands" and showed that "he is far more than a player who introduced the squad to review the Chinese market." "Now people are talking about It's his goal, assists and extraordinary." At the same time, the paper also highlighted the move by Wu Lei to kiss the team logo, which he believes prove his integration. "Daily Sports" gave Wu Lei a 7-ton score for the performance of the match and considered it the "best in the game": "In Corneja El Prat (at home in Spain) people love him."

Spanish coach Rubi also praised the performance of Wu Lei, who thinks the goal is "very beautiful" and said: "He is one of the players who brought the most sparks in today. Good," he added. "As long as we know how to develop its advantages, we can benefit from it. "

Ruby also talked about Wu Lei's overall performance from joining, and explained the reason why Wu Lei did not play in the previous game. He said: "He adapts very well, in terms of physical fitness, he has no problem, except for the violation of the club. It's just that every game is different. Sometimes I think we need some changes, sometimes we do not need it. is very good. "

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