Tuesday , May 18 2021

To create a real hammer? Net Loading The third father of Cecilia Cheung is a 65-year-old rich – helpless information

Cecilia Cheung

On November 29, according to reports in Hong Kong, rumors of online rumors that Cecilia Cheung gave birth to a third child at the Hong Kong Young Hospital in the 25th of this month. Some media found that a child's father is a 65-year-old shareholder in the Singapore food chain chain and has a listing. The company is a rich and powerful man.

Hong Kong media reported that Cecilia Cheung was born to her son, and the father of the child met in March this year. Cecilia Cheung often enters Singapore this year to have her boyfriend. When Cecilia Cheung appeared a few months ago, she mentioned that her new relationship is "Singapore's 65-year-old man". Caring for people. After Cecilia Cheung's divorce, peach flowers were still very prosperous, and during this period many people crossed the scandal, but they all ended up in a bad state. They are openly in love.

In the afternoon, the media found that Cecilia Cheung's mother showed up at the hospital when she saw that the media did not paint as usual. She was to see her daughter from her, she explained: "No, that's just treatment." Some media reported that Cecilia Cheung's mother had left the hospital and at the hospital. Zhang's mother held a piece of paper in her hand and saw that the journalist had photographed and covered his face and accelerated the pace. Was she asked if she had recently seen Cecilia Cheung? Pause for a while, without talking, and then just answered: "Thank you, thank you" and quickly left.

Inse and Weibo of Cecilia Chung have not been updated recently. They also deleted all previous posts. The "If, Love" broadcast aired in May this year did not appear in the advertising campaign. Shit Yin motivation is subtle. Many residents near the dwelling said that she was often seen 7 or 8 months ago, but she did not see her recently, but many people saw her at the hospital.

Until now, neither the broker nor the public did not respond.

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