Monday , August 2 2021

The TikTok Lite application that has been quietly launched has exceeded 12 million – Media Player / Video Site

According to foreign media reports, the short video application (TikTok) has become more and more popular in the international market, and its achievements include its entry to the App Store list after the merger with In this regard, Facebook and Snapchat also began to rush to launch similar features. In the process of expanding the global market, Vibrato was recently targeted for emerging markets like India and Indonesia. The company quietly launched the TikTok Lite application in the second half of 2018.

At present, Vibrato has not made any major articles on this version of Lite (it is said that this version is actually composed of two separate applications). The first was launched in Thailand on August 6, 2018, and later on other major Asian markets, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. This version has received 5 million installations from its first show in August.

It is learned that this version has been launched in India, Brazil and Russia in a short time, but these countries are now circulating another independent lite application that began on November 1. The difference between the two is the case with the letter L in Lite (the first is small and the last one is big).

Thanks to the Indian market, the second version of TikTok Lite has now become more used in both versions. According to the Sensor Tower, total downloads are about 7.1 million. The version is now available in 15 non-Asian countries, including Egypt, Brazil, Algeria, Tunisia, Russia, Ecuador, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Kennedy, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nigeria, Angola and Ghana.

The data from the sensor tower show that the downloads of both versions exceeded 12 million times in half a year.

It is worth mentioning that TikTok Lite is not currently promoted, especially compared to the ultra-large marketing of the vibrato-flagship application. It was learned that the parent company Beijing, Beijing Byte Technology Technology Co., Ltd., recently received billions of dollars in external funding. Since October, the company's valuation has reached $ 78 billion.

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Sensor Tower showed that more than half of TikTok Lite downloads come from downloads after TikTok Lite returned to the Indian market in the past month. The company said the acquisitions of both applications reached 6.7 million in December, an increase of 158% compared to 2.6 million in November.

Despite the increasing number of TikTok Lites, 1200+ million downloads are just a drop in the face of a huge user base. Since August 2018, this accounted for 4.5% and 3.6% of Vibrato downloads on Google Play, iOS and Google Play.

So far, the main vibrato application has been downloaded more than 887 million times on Google Play, which is not included in the third-party application store. This means that the actual number of TikTok installations is even greater.

Beijing Byte Beat Technology Co., Ltd. publicly announced in July last year that the number of monthly active users of the vibrato user group has increased to more than 500 million.


Although the number of users is huge, there are some problems with TikTok Lite that are criticized by users. It is understandable that Lite uses some screenshots and descriptions similar to the main vibrato application, which is easy to cause confusion for users. Other users say Lite is just a consumer product and they can not make videos. Perhaps for vibrato, it is best to explain the difference between the main application and the light version in the user.


Indeed, it is common practice for many technology companies to provide lighter applications to emerging markets for Beijing Bytes Technology Co., Ltd., because the quality of broadband networks is not high. Like most lightweight applications, the size of TikTok Lite is only 10MB-11MB (depending on the version), while the main application is much larger, with 71MB.

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