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The Schumacher family celebrates the 50th birthday of the F1 legend

Michael Schumacher's family invited fans to visit the "virtual museum" to celebrate the 50th birthday of the 7th Formula One world champion and tell King's heart of health that he is "the best of the best "Human protection".

Five years have passed since Schumacher suffered a serious trauma on his head during skiing at the end of 2013, and he still gets rehabilitation at home in Switzerland. Since his family is always highly confidential about his physical condition, many people are tempted to dream of countless unconfirmed rumors.

Today (January 3) is the 50th birthday of the legendary Formula 1 driver. The Schumacher's family made a very rare statement before this important day, revealing his situation to the outside world who cares about him, but also hopes that privacy the Schumacher's family can be respected.

"You can believe that he cares for the best people, and we do everything we can to help him," the statement said. "If you follow the wishes of Michael, then please understand that we will be as consistent as ever. Keeping the privacy of this sensitive topic of health."

Despite this, Schumacher's family will celebrate their 50th birthday in a special way and invite their fans to participate in the virtual museum of Michael Schumacher's official application.

"We are very pleased to celebrate Michael's 50th birthday with you tomorrow, and we also sincerely thank you for joining us. As a gift for him, you and us, the Keep Fighting Foundation, created a virtual museum. Michael Schumacher will be in use tomorrow. This apartment is another milestone we have for him, you and his fans to celebrate his achievements. "

"Michael can be proud of what he has achieved, so we are the same. That's why we held Michael Schumacher's private collection in Cologne to mark his numerous successes, reminding social media through the Crime Prevention Fund. with our philanthropy. We want to remember and celebrate his victory, his record and his happy moments. "

"At the same time, we are very grateful for your friendship and wish you a healthy and happy 2019 year"

The private collection, which was initiated by the Schumacher family, last year was opened in Cologne, featuring go-karts, a low-formula vehicle and the 12 F1 cars they drive, over 20 helmets and 40 remaining trophy.

Schumacher is co-founder of 11 world championships during his season in Ferrari 1996-2006, including the last five of his seven titles in world championship titles. The Ferrari Museum planned a special exhibition for him and will open today.

It is worth mentioning that Schumacher's son, Mike Schumacher, is on his way to a professional racer. In the 2019 season, he will represent the squad from the FIA ​​Championship team closest to the level of F1.

Michael Schumacher, Ferrari F2001

Photo: LAT Pictures

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