Monday , August 2 2021

The Renaissance achieves an automatic drive of 350 km / h. Official Science – IT and Transportation – cnBeta.COM

Recently, the full 350 km high-speed (CTCS3 + ATO) automated driving system passed the pilot assessment of the China Railway Corporation and will officially enter the phase of the Beijing-Shenyang Railway Operations Phase at high speed. For the first time in the world, Fuxing has achieved an automatic driving function of 350 kilometers per hour, which has become another major achievement of China's independent innovative innovation for rail.

So, how does the revival achieve automatic driving at 350 km / h? The Chinese Railway officially made science today.

The revival can achieve automatic driving at speeds up to 350 km / h, thanks to the CTCS3 + ATO automatic drive system.Simply put, based on the existing train control system, an automatic driving unit (ATO) and other equipment can be added to realize the automatic departure of the train, automatic interval operation, automatic stop at the station, automatic opening of the door after parking, doors and platforms. Automatic joint control between the doors of the screens.

Automatic driving can provide driver consistency, eliminate the difference caused by different driver levels and accurately monitor the current plan.Comprehensive improved performance indicators such as comfort control, parking accuracy, energy saving and reduced consumption.

Of course,The driver will not be completely replacedHowever, driving is no longer directly implemented, but it is still necessary to be in the driver's cab as an emergency driver. The driver should intervene at a time when an emergency situation is discovered.

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