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The person Huang Jou has determined me, I do not have the chance to make a big red one Huang Jue | Last night

"Last Night on Earth" is the second work of the director Bi Wei. As a actress, Juan Jou not only thought that the film was a gift for the middle-aged crisis, but also started with a cocktail of the same name in his bar. .

Huang Jue's experience of entering the entertainment industry has been interviewed and written many times. Huang Jue is a very pleasant and cozy job. Once he had a story, a girl sent him a private letter and said he wanted to interview him and send him to his small public number. How is this "uncovered" character formed? Huang Jou did not want to understand. He recalled that when studying, he was a small union leader at the school, would be a leader in the class, and would dare to fight college. After a carefree childhood, when he was twenty-seven, he began to care, he could no longer be an unscrupulous young man. He had to submit something to face the world and felt that he would change from this world.

He cleared his own life experiences, most of which were not typical and had nothing to learn. Huang Jue was thinking about making music or being a photographer, but it was not practical. He wanted a stable job and became an actor. "It's a good life." In the past, Huang Jue always said that he was hovering person, had no plans for life, why he could follow the tide? You may know that fate will lead you to where you should go, so do not worry.

Last night on Earth

Use a sense of ritual to please you

"Last Night on Earth" was taken nine months. Huang Jou likened this film with himself to give "a gift for a middle-aged crisis". When Bi Wei looked at Huang Jue, he said the salary was very small and he announced a price that surprised him. Huang Jou uses the businessman's thinking to think: What can I do if I lose that money? You may be able to buy a good sports car. If someone else presents his own sports car as a gift, then cooperation with interested directors can also be considered a gift for their middle-aged crisis.

Two years ago, after Huang Jue saw "Picnic on the Road," he wanted to find Bi Wei to inquire about the "Dang Mai" (the virtual place in the BBC movie). Huang Jou loves photography and wants to shoot. As a result, Bi Wei told him that "Dang Mai" is a fictitious, ubiquitous utopia. Subsequently, Bi Wei took Huang Jue to another "shuffled wheat" in another way, and invited him to star in his new movie "Last Night on Earth."

When downloading "Last Night on Earth," Bi Wei and Huang Jou said the 3D movie had a long picture. When the audience sees half of them, they will wear glasses together to watch the 3D part of the movie. Huang Jiu felt very ceremonial "It's like a secret ceremony, it touched me a lot, I promised nothing without nothing." Huang Jou said he wanted to use a sense of ritual to satisfy himself.

To record "Last Night on Earth," Juan Joue lost 20 pounds and practiced the dialect of Cairo. Although he was tortured several times during the filming, he finally realized that he really went there when he saw the film. "Beautiful wheat."

Trapped in character, but can be saved

The introduction of Huang Jue to Weibo reads: "Photographers, dance artists, painters, president of spring and autumn dreams, musicians", but there are no actors. He explained that the name of the profile of Wyibo was accompanied by little self-assertion and ridicule, and he did not have systematic training for the performance and did not feel talented, but the act of acting is very important to himself, so he wanted to keep the "actor" Live , did not turn him into a ridicule. "I should not be kidding about the profession of actors, maybe there is still a little inferiority."

At the age of 28, Huang Jue transformed his film and television performance from the advertising model. Initially, the actor tried to earn 30,000 yuan to buy a computer. His hobbies were touched by photography, painting and tourism, so he seemed an actor. He was not able to participate in a real show or to participate in a popular IP in order to increase his exposure. Huang Jue is shy about this, basically does not participate in dinner, even at dinner, he is always the first person to take chopsticks and eat. Head, I do not know what to say, "I'm embarrassed, I'm going to ask a few topics that are being contacted. How about that recently, how about it? It always says something very boring."

He is very clear that his personality is limited and does not actively create employment opportunities. He can not be changed. Huang Jue admits that this character leads to his inability to be a great and handsome actor. However, this state enjoys a lot. "In this way, I will not overdo it, and I will save myself very well." He enjoys and thinks he has found the most appropriate way to deal with the profession.

Huang Jue is a man who can not even have his birthday. He wants to watch the party, but he does not want to be a living center. Before becoming an actor, friends around him were old wolves and Huang Xiaomao, they were "red but not aware". The day was too free and the wind was light and windy, Huang Jue felt it was "unintentional making friends" and was affected. What a great ambition.

Free and comfortable, it relates to friends and love

I specifically want to ask her about something that is expensive and useless. I sent a request and she sent it. I want bikes, headphones and headphones to cost 50,000 yuan. She was particularly desperate and said: "Get the connection." She never refused. How this relationship appeared, I do not know. She is a person who can allow me to look at such a delicate one, I can not afford it, I also have this money, but, for example, something your girlfriend sends, she bought with her, is not the same. In addition to friends, couples and loved ones, there are many forms of relationships between people. There seems to be nothing that can accurately emphasize our relationship and can not be classified.

– Interview with Huang Jou in the new book Zhou Xun "Freedom in the Human World"

There are not many friends in Huang Yuhuang. When I met Zhou Jun, it was about 1995, and I knew him for almost half a lifetime. Interview with the Zhou Xun instrument, if you want to bring a friend around her, Huang Jue will always be there. "Maybe Zhou Xun can not say anything, the amount of interviewed materials is not enough, and the journalist must find those angles to make up for it." Huang Jiu feels good. There are friends like him who can at least describe Zhou Jun more and more meat and blood.

When someone talks about Zhou Xun, they may not know where the scale is. Huang Jue is thinking what to say. Sometimes he realized that he would remind Zhou Xun and interview me for things. You need to go to the manuscript. Huang Jue is too lazy to look at him, but he thinks that Zhou Jun needs to look at them, but Zhou Jun did not see him. "If I have a good brain, I can remember more things, I will say better, but my mind is very bad. Many things will be erased from me, including things that will touch others."

Free and comfortable, it's the password of the contact that Huang Jue radiates. Not only for friends, he and his predecessor maintained good relationships after breaking up. He does not want to go through life, there is no way to look back. "Recalling every emotional connection, I did nothing unbearable and there are no people who can not look back." Even if it exists, he will correct it. "It's not easy to go through the wrong thing."

Huang Jue attributed this ability to the former "heart" of "heterogeneity," "I'm not so indifferent to the expression of hatred and love. Every emotion, I'm innocent," It's not good, it's good to be a friend. "

The interests invested are saved from the Internet

In December 2018, Huang Jue sent a microblogging: "What does the flight attendant ask me to fly?" I asked a glass of water, a neighbor asked for a glass of orange juice, I felt very mature and stable. I asked for a cup of cola and ice, I had a car next to the neighboring door, no ice, and I was broken. I do not know who is better. "Some netizens answered:" It's really decent to choose mineral water on the plane. What made me proud is that when I got to the meal, the stewardess asked me: Mr. Do you want fresh crab shrimp or cow fish? I will grow my hand and say: No need, thank you "Huang Jue immediately sent" My mentality collapsed, and peanuts did not touch the bag.

This is just one of the daily interactions between Huang Jou and netizens.

Huang Jue also reflects on himself, why the character so calm? Maybe the brain is not enough? I can not think of happiness, and I can not remember the hatred. What happened in this life, he can remember 5%, 10% is not bad. Huang Jou often can not sleep at night, so as not to affect work the next day, can take sleeping pills for a long time. When in the past there was no mobile phone, I could not sleep and read books, watch movies and talk. Since the advent of mobile phones, the Internet has saved all the lonely souls of the world.

Huang Jie believes that social networking is a way of self-liberation. He said he was interesting about the Internet.

He got friends and lovers. When he saw this face in New York, he shot a black and white film or Chinese, he paid attention to it. He is now Juan Jou. Motivation for going to the United States. In the opinion of Huang Jue, it is better to make real friends on the Internet, because the percentage of people who care for each other is bigger. Therefore, he is a person who does not oppose network culture. He even applied for WeChat to his son Xiaotao very early, hoping that the child could overcome network environmental skills.

Some artists will be afraid to put family details online, but in Weibo in Huang Wei, the protagonist has always been his wife, wheat, son, walnut, daughter and jujube. He hopes that children will grow up one day and will turn to their Weibo. They can see the experiences and photos of their growth, more or less a gift in their lives.

Meet her, marriage premise "two not"

"After the knowledge of Master Huang (Huang Jue), he replaced my sweetness and solved my anxiety." Teacher Huang spent most of his time on my hair. I am convinced that he alone has this ability in the world. "- Wheat

Huang Jue is a unmarried person, but after the wheat, everything changed in a subtle way. Two people took their children and went out to travel, and family life was not completely submerged by rice and oil.

Huang Jie and wheat belong to different channels, but they are the same people in their different worlds. The wheat is the only child, with a strong inner world and personal charm. Its sudden appearance made Huang Jue differently. Human Jue mentality at that time, his personal free space made him feel very pleased. "It's very strange, suddenly there's such a person who can live with me. His life has a 180-degree turning point."

Huang Jue said it was good, Huang Jue said he could have children, and that if he did not marry the children, Juan Jou said he was married. Wheat is also good, what do you want?

Huang Jou and wheat were before each other for a wedding picture. Huang Jou has two conditions for marriage: she does not take wedding photos or weddings, and now has a "thief on a thief," and wheat should wear wedding photographs and make weddings, which also makes Huang Jou occasionally. Feeling headache. Huang Jue thought in many ways he hoped to stifle the past, feeling that the sense of the shape of the wedding photos is too formal: "I am a thorn, and a sense of form and feeling of the right shape. Wedding photographs, called by the photographer , exhausted, the scene of the bridegroom and the bride laugh very fake, I feel very frustrated behind good things. "

Today, he opposes and accepts, but Huang Juu still asks what is the most natural way, but wheat appears to be less inevitable. He felt that he could relax for some time, "slow down".

Every time it's hard, it's not as cool as any other imagination.

When Huang Zhugang met the wheat, she returned it from France and decided to live together and took her to visit the house had just been renovated. Two sets of three-bedroom apartments have become one-bedroom, without doors in all places, including toilets. When the wheat entered the toilet, sitting on the toilet was very upset and felt like I was going to the toilet in this place.

When Juan Juegang was with wheat, he went to IKEA to buy a lot of things, helped the wheat to move to a friend's house and move things. The wheat told me that I was sleeping and sleeping in my friend's bed. Huang Jou said that I also slept for a while and fell asleep on the sofa in the living room. This is the first time you've seen a friend of wheat, just on the sofa, screaming and screaming.

Huang Jue has nothing to be respected, always accepts the world with enthusiasm, never keeps it. "All kinds of feelings can come to feel everybody unknown."

"Do you think I am like a stubborn person?" He said that once a journalist followed him abroad for several days and talked about what he could not remember. He just remembered to ask the last sentence, if there is no wheat in your life, right? Huang Jue answered at that time, I can. When I saw the reporter the next day, Huang Jou said that if I can delete this sentence, it will harm the wheat. "But the journalist did not delete this sentence, but emphasized this sentence."

He is not angry at this, he is just a little discouraged, how can he be such a man with different phenomena? "I care very much about the family, I want to say that there is no wheat, but my mouth is hard and I do not want to show it so soft."

Huang Jue was very polite when he was a child, so he sometimes mixed with his mother and made it harder. After growing, Juan Jue lived in this "soft" and "difficult" conflict. "I am Japanese fresh, cold, very woody, but my appearance is not so." So, Huang Jue deliberately wears red and green, very proud to dress, wrapped in a soft shell to soften the Heart.

"I do not think so cool, it was a particularly soft face."

Write / New Beijing news chief journalist Liu Wei

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