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The performance of Luo Zhixiang in the New Year's show is very difficult – new songs, one song, no open, dancers, hundred people – Global Network

2019-01-03 14:53:08 Source: World Wide Web

In the New Year's entertainment on Hunan Satellite Television, the prize-winning guest prize, Luo Ziesiang, was praised by netizens as the "most appropriate opening ceremony" for the super-sound stage and won the first viewing in real time. Yearly fun opened a good start.

The new song "NO JOKE" on the show is the first in the list "Asia New Song" December "monthly list". It is worth mentioning that this song was launched only on the 19th and only 2 weeks from the results will earn the monthly list. Champion.

Luo Zhixiang led hundreds of people to dance and start the scene.

Luo Ziesiang led the 100-member group to dance on the stage in the shape of a special form, and the whole wheat sang and danced to show the strength of the dance king. Note: This site is translated by machine translation software, click here to get an English version. Eyes and dance movements are set, and one wave of eyes can immediately activate the atmosphere. The netizen even complained that he could feel the shock of the scene in front of the screen.

On this evening, the pigs performed "Three Wonders", "Jingwumen" and "NO JOKE" in three consecutive songs. The new song "NO JOKE" is a big rap and extremely fast and complex dance. The super-heavy performance of this technique, although Luo Ziesiang still insists on full performance, this has always been his professional tradition as a singer.

It is certain that during the last night's test, Luo Ziesiang personally discussed the formation and lens with the director and dancers. The trial was only a few times for the audience to give the audience the hottest and most explosive performance. These professional and serious people should be served, real-time stage scenes to see the first non-only.

The latest single "NO JOKE" is firmly on TOP1 and is on line for two weeks.

"NO JOKE" of this New Year's Era is the new single released by Luo Ziesiang on December 19th. The songs and the MV were well received after they were on the line. For the first time in five hours they won the "Asian New Track List" and were stable. Chasing the champions Japan List and Nedelbang, although the new song was released only on the 19th month, she still won the Month of the Month championship in Hong Kong and Taiwan with a strong two-week performance.

Just like the name of the new song "No jokes", the return of Luo Ziesiang to the single after three years of singularity, style, dance, style, torment, are constantly innovating and challenging herself. The key performance of the new song on the New Year's scene is surprised by netizens and professional dancers. It is also a divine comedy that is popular.

Luo Ziesiang's commitment to music, love for dance and respect for the stage is also pleased with his new album to be launched in 2019. I believe it must be "not kidding"!

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