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The Huawei offer in the Czech Republic is blocked. "Blocking Action" was added to the battle line – BBC News

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Huawei's business activity has been sanctioned by many countries. The Five-Eye Intelligence Alliance, which consists of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, is cautious about Huawei's technology entering the Western 5G network.

After the US Justice Department announced the prosecution for Huawei and tried to extradite Chief Financial Officer Meng Xicho, the Czech government announced it would ban telecommunications companies, alerted by the authorities, to compete for the construction of a government-run computer system, thought to be intended for Huawei, a Chinese communications technology company.

A spokesman for the Czech Ministry of Finance noted that the local Ministry of National Network and Information Security (NUKIB) issued a warning last December that Huawei and another Chinese technology company, ZTE, could have "security threats". A spokesman for the finance ministry said the warning from the Ministry of National Network and Information Security had a legal effect on the Ministry of Finance and had to be implemented.

Reuters reported that the warning from the Czech National Network and Information Security Department does not prohibit Huawei from fully participating in the construction of local networks, but this warning means that more than 160 public and private companies responsible for managing important local infrastructure should reconsider their faces. Security risks.

A spokesman for Huawei denied that the equipment they produced would cause a risk for network security and asked the Czech Ministry of Finance to return the decision in accordance with the relevant laws. Otherwise, "all options" will be considered, but there were no specific measures.

The Czech government has previously publicly submitted a government with a tax system worth about 500 million kronor (about $ 22 million). The industry is generally optimistic that Huawei can successfully get the deal, but the national network and information security department has warned if it can get the deal. Upper shadow.

A spokesman for Huawei said the Czech Ministry of Finance's "discrimination" decision also described the warnings of the Huawei National Network and Information Security Department, "groundless and wrong."

The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have announced successively that they will prohibit Huawei from participating in the construction of the 5G communications network, and Germany is also studying whether to follow it. The Czech Republic has not issued a similar ban.

Huawei previously tested the testing of the 5G communication network with a local telecommunications company Vodafone, but Vodafone announced on Friday (January 25th) that it will suspend the use of Huawei products in the core of its system until the authorities informed it.

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Reuters reported that Czech President Milos Zeman, who is considered pro-China, publicly supported the development of the UAV in the local area, but Prime Minister Andrew Babis carried out the opposite opinion.

Barbish said earlier that he attaches great importance to the warnings of the Ministry of National Network and Information Security. In December last year, he announced that he would ban the use of products manufactured by Huawei and ZTE by central government employees.

The Chinese Embassy in the country later issued a bulletin, citing Babysh that a warning from the Ministry of National Network and Information Security "does not represent the position of the Czech government".

However, Barbish denied saying that it was "not a mistake" to forbid state employees to use Huawei's products, and the announcement by the Chinese embassy "only represents the Chinese position."

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Bashchish ordered employees of the Czech central government not to use the Huawei products.

"Do not allow yourself to become a chess part"

On the other hand, Slovakia, a neighbor of the Czech Republic, has a very different attitude towards Huawei. Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said there is currently no evidence that Huawei's products pose security concerns.

Pellegrini believes that if the country wants to discuss cybersecurity issues, it should talk about all companies, not for one or two companies.

He added that politicians should be careful not to allow themselves to become a pawn between trade wars or competitors.

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