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The first meeting with Shawa Wang Xinyu is not lost, but rather painful –

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January 03, 2019 15:15 Source: Beijing Evening News Participate in interaction

The first time I met Shava Wang Xinyu was not lost, but hurt.

It's really not time to pull this rib.

(Reporter Lee Yuanfei) Yesterday, WTA Shenzhen Open won the top eight female singles. For the first time in his career, Wang Xinyu, the youngest player in the world and Sara Pava, retired after the first set and won the game. Sharapova also paid tribute to the 17-year-old Chinese teenager after the match. She said: "If she can continue to hit the ball as today, she can definitely become a champion."

Wang Xinyu, who won the Australian Open at the Asia-Pacific Card last year and became the youngest Chinese player in the Australian Open, was the first Sharapova in the world in the 16th round of Shenzhen Open yesterday. This is the first time in the career of two men, Wang Xinyu did not play conservatively, she used the fierce forehand to break into the fourth game of the first set. Although Sharapova saved four points in the ninth match and used the two double faults of Wang Sisiou to finish the break, but in a tie-break, Wang Xinyu managed to reach the first set 7-6 (4).

In the first match of the second set, Wang Xinyu interrupted the Sharapova service, but the fourth game, Shawa, broke up. In the sixth game, Wang Xinyu tight left foot.After two medical suspension, the injury was not yet controlled.He had to give up the game unfortunately when he scored 2-5. Sharapova also came to comfort the tearful eyes of Wang Xinyu. After the match, at the end of the interview, Shava said: "We do not want to finish this game, I think it's a master of this game." "Although I started to find the rhythm, there is no doubt that she has a chance to win the whole game. healthy is the most important thing ".

With Wang Xinyu regretting retirement, only the remaining Chinese players in Shenzhen Open female singles are Wang Yafan. Yesterday, Wang Jafan's 16th-to-8 opponent was Tunisian player Jaber. The two had previously had a confrontation, and Jacob won. But this time Wang Yafan did not repeat the same mistakes, returning the opponent to the top 8 from 3 to 6, 6 to 4 and 6 to 4. After the match, the Sichuan girl said: "I am very happy to win the match. After the loss of the first set, I made several changes in the second set, I feel better and better. "

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