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Tang Wei is a new box office "high platform diving" behind the stock price of the stock market listed company – 100 million yuan, limit, literature and art, millions of yuan, the country – Chongqing Business Daily

Source: Chongqing Business Daily

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In the entertainment industry, there is a god called Debbie's Peak, which can also be used to describe the new film "Last Night on Earth" by the goddess Tang Wei. This literary film featuring Tang Wei and Huang Jie became the "net red film" on the social platform through the ceremonial marketing of "Kiss Through the Years". On the first day of the show, she received a treasurer of 261 million yuan. Unexpectedly, he conquered marketing, but lost his reputation. The treasury of the film experienced "diving with a high platform", and the treasury on the third day was less than 2 million yuan. As one of the producers of the film, Huace Film and Television, which was quoted on the market, has suffered a limit to determine the market after opening the market.

"Last Night on Earth" turned from a literary film into a "black film".

On the first day of the show on December 31 last year, the box office received 261 million yuan. However, the audience that contributed to the band had many choices to leave the game, and after leaving, also gave a bad comment on the film. The cat's eyes and the crescent began to deal with negative bad reviews.

The word-of-mouth came down sharply, which also caused high diving in the box office. According to the Cat Eye Professional Edition, on January 1, the box office had just spent 10 million yuan, and the box office on Wednesday was less than 2 million yuan. On the 3rd, the cumulative treasurer was 277 million yuan, and the box office was projected at 284 million yuan.

"Last Night on Earth" was mainly produced by three companies, including Film and Television Huate, and released by Huajs Movies and companies such as Taobao tickets. In the 2nd, Huas film and television fell in the morning, and the internal trade session opened the daily limit and fell again in the afternoon.

In general, the film "New Year" includes a number of listed companies. The products of "Call Calls" are 4 companies, including Xinli Media and Microfilm on Cat Eye. Together, 12 companies are produced, including Beijing Culture and Wanda Films, and at the same time, Cat Eye Microfilm and Xinli Media are also publishers. "Yunnan Worm Valley" is from Huayi Brothers, and the 5-day treasurer is less than 150 million yuan. It is noteworthy that Huayi Brothers shares also suffered a major drop in the 2nd. After falling more than 7% after opening and closing at 4.40 yuan at the end, they fell by 6.18%.

(Article source: Chongqing Business Daily)

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