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Tang De film and television again £ 60m 'shoot again' Ba King Yuan will lose TL technology for cats within six months without broadcast approval 135m | Daily economic news

Tang De still did not give up on "Ba King Yuan". On October 8, Tang De Film and Television announced the latest addition announcement for an additional Ba King Yuan deal, stating that to promote the drama as soon as possible, while at the same time establishing a strategic partnership with Thalm Technology, and will last no less than 60 million Yuan revised the cast and actresses of "Ba King". It is worth noting that, compared to the previous two agreements, Tang De made more "concessions" to the Thom technology. The Daily Economic News reporter learned from relevant parties that Fuku had entrusted "Thumb" technology as a signature, and the broadcast platform was Fuku.

The film and television time in Tangde will be less than half a year. If it fails to broadcast, Tangde will face all the costs paid to repatriate Tmall technology and make up for the $ 135 million yuan of liquidated damages.

When Tang De Film and Television and Ba King Yuan were occupied with "inward care", the whole large women's costume market also experienced a hot and calm. According to Daily Economic News reporters' statistics, from 2015 to 2019, there were more than 30 drama suits on the market, and there were not many playwrights who were not broadcast as "Ba King Yuan."

In the future, even if "Ba King Yuan" is broadcast, but for "perfect closure", it is still blocked and long.

Twist and turns

Ba King Yuan will be replaced by another starring line-up

The Ba King Yuan, who had not watched the movement for a long time, finally made headway.

On October 8, Tang De Film and Television announced that: to promote Ba King Yuan as soon as possible and establish a strategic partnership with Tumble Technology, the two sides opted for the original agreement, and the additional agreement is vested with authorization rights. and broadcast form Wait for adjustments.

Male and female Ba King Yuan starring Gao Hunsiang and Jan Bingbing respectively, but in early 2018 Gao Hunsiang was arrested for alleged sexual assault and is still on trial. Subsequently, Kui Yongyuan took the lead in unveiling the inner story of the film and television series of Yan Bingbing's "tax evasion and tax evasion" and "yin and yang agreement". To recoup losses, Tang De Film and Television took the lead in the second half of last year to decide to replace the male lead role, ie through the "small map", Lee Chen replaces Gao Hunsiang's play, but the disaster is this year , Li Chen and Han Bingbing suddenly fell apart.

The end result was that Tang De Films decided to replace the star again. According to the announcement, given the negative events of the main actors of Ba King Yuan, Tang De Film and Television they have pledged to take the lens of the remake of the drama, including but not limited to: re-shooting, technical means, re-dubbing and more before December 31, 2019. Re-elected actors will be first-rate actors, confirmed by Tmall Technology. The new modification fee will be borne by Tangde Film and Television, and the cost of the change should be no less than 60 million yuan (and the cost of re-engaging the actor).

According to a report by Tensent News News' Front Line, an informed source broke the news that Bai Jing Yuan intends to find Tang Chan as a female master and re-shoot the play by Yan Bingbing. In this regard, Mr Lee, Tang Yao's agent, replied: "We have not been exposed to this project."

In addition, Tangde Film and Television have also made a "concession", and the copyright granted to "Dark Technology" has been changed from "exclusive information network communication right in mainland China" to "global, permanent and exclusive rights of all media in China." performance and authorization for its transmission. " And rights to protect rights. " Following the release of the Supplementary Agreement, all media and copyright rights enjoyed by Tang De Film and Television in the drama have been transferred to Thalm Technology, and Tang De Film and Television will also enjoy 100% copyright in the film and television dramas. All company copyright is transferred to Thalm Technology. Thalm Technology does not need to pay a separate fee. Films and television dramas that have only partial copyright or copyright to Tangde Film and Television will also be permanently and exclusively in the Operational Library Drama. the company. Authorized Tmall technology for exercise, Tmall technology does not have to pay any extra costs. In addition, if before March 31, 2020, Ba King Yuan was approved by the national department of national radio and television, Thalm Technology could be broadcast independently.

The risks also exist. As of March 31, 2020, Tangde Films and Television have still failed to complete the Ba King Yuan audit as agreed and received approval from the radio and television authorities to broadcast TV and Internet. and the previously signed Tangde Purchase Contract, Film and Television have to repay the full price of "Ba King Yuan" paid by Dark Technology and bear the responsibility for breach of contract under 30% of the total approved fee for the drama.

On October 25, 2016, Tangde Film and Television and Tamal Technology signed an agreement authorizing Ba King Yuan to be a single set of 8 million yuan, with a temporary set of 60 sets to calculate the total price of 480 million yuan.

On November 18, 2017, the two sides signed an additional agreement stipulating that the form of the broadcast of the play would be changed to "Network Station Synchronized Broadcast"; if the drama is finally aired in the first round of Yunnan satellite television, the original single license fee will remain unchanged. If the drama is finally aired in the first round of Jiangsu Satellite TV and the Golden Dragon File, the license for the drama will be adjusted to 7.5 million yuan. The drama is temporarily set for 60 episodes totaling 450 million yuan.

The additional agreement will keep unit costs unchanged at 7.5 million yuan, and the number of settlement kits will be based on the number of licenses issued and the actual number of transfers. When Tang De Film and Television provided more than 60 episodes of trial media, the final broadcast of Ba King Yuan was less than 60 episodes and resolved in 60 episodes. The number of episodes ranged from 60 to 64 episodes. If the number of episodes aired exceeds 64 episodes, the settlement will be settled in 64 episodes.

From this calculation, if by March 31, 2020, Ba King Yuan has not yet received the broadcasting license, Tangde Film and Television must not only repay the full price of Ba King Yuan paid by Thamal Technology, but also of Thalm. Technology bears the responsibility of 135 million yuan for breach of contract.

Extended research

5 years super 30 drama costumes, female master

Looking back on Ba King's road to "twist of water," there is probably no such thing as a costume drama like Ba King Yuan.

Starting with the release of the first pilot film at the end of 2017, in the past two years, this highly regarded female drama host still lies in the annual report and release of Tangde Film and Television, from the earlier Ace Hot Potato barely waiting to get rid of him.

Since the beginning of the name change, former male actor Gao Hunsiang has been involved in the sexual assault, and female protagonist Ian Bingbing has caused a "tax storm" in the 2018 film and television circle. After the "out of control" series, the broadcast was postponed indefinitely, and there is uncertainty as to whether the relevant economic benefits can come.

The Daily Economic News reporter noted that because of the "Ba King Yuan" drag, Tang De Film and Television, which holds a 70% investment stake in the show, also suffers. In 2018, Tangde's film and television revenue declined sharply.The company once noted that the Ba King Yuan TV series could not be aired in 2018, with a corresponding payout lag, which negatively affected the company's cash flow. from operational activities in 2018.

These days, Tang De film and television have re-shot "Ba King Yuan", but the problems it faces are far more than the episode itself. Since the beginning of this year, the ever-changing market environment and homogenized content have gradually lost the "oving love" of the audience.

Since the launch of "Flowers of a Thousand Bones" in 2015, the big girl, big IP and big production have gradually become the most desirable costume choice. According to incomplete statistics by Daily Economic News reporters, from 2015 to 2019, there were more than 30 major costume plays on the market. Among them, 2017 is the most popular, and this year the 12 biggest female master plays were aired.

Although the quantity is considerable, the quality is not satisfactory. In the aforementioned 30 main female costume plays, the water creature scores only 14 on the line of passage, and even more, the score is just 3.0. On the other hand, from the broadcast form of costume plays in recent years, it is not difficult to see some attitudes in the market towards big girl costumes.

Prior to the most popular female costume drama of 2017, the preferred platform for broadcasting the great female host drama was TV TV, complemented by a video platform. After 2017, most of the female costume plays were "Internet Drama". ", The broadcast platform is preferred as a video site. There are few such as the Rugo biography that is often broadcast and switches from TV drama to online drama. Market and audience fatigue in costume drama, especially the big female masters drama, has already appeared.

Today, in the era of drama, the market gradually becomes calm, "Ba King Yuan" even if it is for changing actors, changing broadcasting mode and successfully starting broadcasting, what is the chance of winning?

Although in the latest announcement, Tangde Films and Television said, before March 31, 2020, Thal Technology submitted the drama, which was approved by the state administration for radio and television and approved for broadcast on China and the Internet TV satellite channel. Master bar. However, the market environment is changing rapidly. In order to "perfectly close the official", "Ba King Yuan" is still blocked and long.

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