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Sun Xingyu: You will meet with the national team as soon as possible. The Chinese team is a strong team in Asia _ competition

Original title: Sun Xingyu: I will meet with the national team as soon as possible. The Chinese team is a strong team in Asia.

The Asian Cup in 2019 comes and the Chinese team is in Group C with the South Korean team, the Kyrgyz team and the Philippine team. The Chinese team will first confront the Kyrgyz team on January 7th, the Philippine team on January 11th and finally the match against the old rival South Korea on January 16th.

South Korean media reported that Sun Xingyu, the top star in the Korean team, will not play in the first two games of the Asian Cup. He will play with the Korean national team before the third match against national football.

Sun Xingyu is in good shape this season. He played 13 Tottenham matches in the Premier League, scoring 5 goals and 3 assists. In the recent Premier League game with Everton, Sun Xingqi scored 2 goals and helped 1 hour to help the team to beat the opponent 6-2. After the match, Sun Xingyu also discussed some questions about the Asian Cup.

The first talk about the upcoming Asian Cup Cup, Sun Xingyu said: "I will join the South Korean team as soon as possible, but now the schedule is very intense, I hope to maintain a good state, focus on the game of the club."

Asked to play against the Chinese team, Sun Xingyu said sincerely: "First, our opponents are not just the Chinese team, we will play all the matches. It's very difficult for the Chinese team, they are strong teams in Asia., But I think the chances of winning the game are great. "(Guan Xuan)Return to Sohu and see more

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