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The original title: Tottenham won the gold medal with a score of 3: 3

San Antonio Spurs and Denver Nuggets opened the sixth round of the first round of the playoffs in the 25th place. Tottenham played Aldrich and Derozan and beat Nuggets 120: 103. The total score is also chasing 3-3, the "grabbing seven" war is on the edge.

In the lead of 3: 2 in San Antonio came San Antonio, and Spurs had no way to go back. The center of Nuggets, Jokic, once again performed a variety of performance in the game, scoring 43 points, 12 rebounds and 9 assists, but two-time and valuable four-time, Spurs Aldridge and Derozan with a double star, the former winner With 26 points and 10 rebounds, so he contributed with 25 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists, which made Jokic's efforts to disappear.

Spurs started relatively smoothly, the team's hit rate is extremely high, Aldridge, Derosan and other beginners feel very well, while the Llandudnians are in crisis, all seven team bumps are thrown. In the lead of Aldridge, Spurs took the lead in the first quarter with a lead of 34:24. In the second quarter, the progress of the Nuggets finally improved, narrowing the gap, and Spurs only with 64:60 at the end of the half. In the third quarter, both teams fell into battle again. Jokichelli scored 17 points and helped Nuggets close the score several times, but the experienced Spurs always got the color. The last part has become the key to winning and losing. Spurs played a wave of 17: 2 climax, which led to a 107: 87 result and set the victory in one drop.

Spurs are more like a team in this game. White and Forbes spokesman scored 13 points and 12 points, while Rudy Gay contributed 19 points from the bench.

The Spurs and Nuggets Battle of Stop Seven will be played at the home of the Nuggets at the 27th, while the Nuggets' home record in the regular season is the best in the league, which can give Nuggets players more psychological advantage. The two teams will face the Blazers of Portland in the semifinals of the Western Conference.

"This is my first time to feel the battle" grab seven ", which is sure that the seventh game will be very cruel of this," Jokic said. (Reporter Wang Jiyu)

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