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Superheroid animated film Spiderman: A Parallel Universe, jointly produced by American Columbia's movie company, US Marvel and Sony's Sony animation company, will be on China's big screen on December 21st! A bold visual style that blends retro comic elements with top 3D animations, the familiar, touching and grounded story of youth growth, the six Spider-Man screens that have never been seen before, "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" have already officially activated big foreign media!The current rotten homemade freshness is 100%! The incredible film network Metacritic scored 81 points, fifteen well-known film critics, without exception, praised and many called it "the best animated film of the year".

"Spiderman: A Parallel Universe" 12.21 Internal Extermination

Knitted tomato freshness 100%

As an animated film by Marvel's Superhero, "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" bravely releases newcomers: Miles Morales, a "black spider" of Latin and African descent, tells a story about a boy learning to grow and seek Life makes sense and causes stories that save the world. In the plot there is also ignorance and rebellion in adolescence, struggle and embarrassment in the face of the new environment and a sudden loss of burdens. I believe that many viewers will resonate and sympathize. The film is ingenious, boldly introduces comics, dots and other elements commonly found in comics, and integrates with the industry's highest animation technology and finally represents a unique visual style.

The North American word of the film's mouth is officially abolished, and the current rotten homemade freshness is 100%! The result of the comprehensive film network Metacritic is as much as 81 points. Visually impressive images were fully won by foreign media critics, and the tangible story of growth and family was even more praised. Variety compares the film with street graffiti to famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, the United States today admires the innovation of the film in the visual effects is incredible, Indie Gijz believes that the film appears, let the spider's Classic Human Personality Restore its vitality: Weekend Warrior called the best Spider-Man movie to date, Business Insider is even simpler, titled "The Best of the Year".

In the eyes of many film critics, Spider-Man's top IP opened a new chapter. Last year's "Spiderman: The Return of the Heroes" was applauded and summoned, and the connection with the universe for the film "Marvel" opened the infinite possibilities. Earlier this month, "Poison Liquid: Deadly Guardian" (hereinafter "Poison") was released three weeks ago. The office on the mainland has already gone directly to 1.8 billion and will soon become the most popular superhero film in the history of the mainland! "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" will officially transfer "Poison" next month, and is expected to launch another wave of watching movies in China. The best effect and six Spider-Man are in the same box, so you have to watch for a lifetime will make sure that the fans will not miss it.

The super-animated animated film "Spiderman: Parallel Universe" tells the story of how ordinary Myers Morales high school grew up from Spider-Man Peter Parker to the new generation of superheroes. Spiderman is more than one! In the film, Miles and Peter, the female spiderman Gwen, Spiderman in the shadow, Penny Parker and Pigman from the other parallel universes, the sixth Spider-Man first framed the big screen. Fighting the strongest villains of the universe Spiderman. The movie "Spiderman: Parallel Universe" will be released in China on December 21st, so stay tuned!

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