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Sixth coefficient: Derby Gunners withdraw from the “reds” and Milan wins smoothly_Tottenham

Original title: Odds of 6th: Derby Gunners withdraw from Red Army and Milan win smoothly

On the evening of December 6, after the time of Beijing, the five biggest European leagues will continue, and many giants will play. Before the match, various agencies published an analysis of the odds for tonight’s match:

Tottenham – Arsenal

Asian index, the agency opened the home Tottenham handicap of 0.5 goals. In terms of competition, the Spurs pay 2.00 for home wins, 3.30 for draws and 4.00 for defeats. With a handicap index, Tottenham (-1) pays 3.60 for a win, 3.70 for a draw and 1.73 for a defeat. The index of big and small balls is 1.91 for big balls and 1.80 for small balls. At halftime, Tottenham / Tottenham had the lowest odds of 3.20, followed by a draw / Tottenham with 4.80, and Arsenal / Arsenal with 5.50. In the results index, both sides have the lowest odds of a 1-1 draw, 6.00, followed by a 1-0 victory over Tottenham, with 7.00. Arsenal’s away win with a small result is also not big, with 0-1 at 11.0. Arsenal are currently in the lower half of the standings, but they performed well in the European war. The away match against Tottenham, which was tied in two consecutive matches, will probably not be defeated. The recommended score is 1-1 / 1-2.

Liverpool vs. The Wolves

In the Asian index, many companies opened the home Liverpool with a handicap of 1 goal. In terms of competition, Liverpool lost 1.36 for a win at home, 4.20 for a draw and 6.05 for defeat. With a handicap index, Liverpool (-1) pays 2.17 for a win, 3.50 for a draw and 2.55 for a defeat. In terms of large and small balls, 1.74 for large balls and 2.00 for small balls. At halftime, Liverpool / Liverpool has the lowest odds of 2.25, followed by a draw / Liverpool with 4.20, and the highest Liverpool / Wolf with 41.0. In the results index, Liverpool had the lowest chance of a 2-0 victory out of 6,500, 8.00 for a 1-1 draw between the two sides and 19.0 for a 1-2 away win. The Wolves’ record this season is fair, but the morale of the Red Army is fighting for victory. Liverpool will still win despite the difficulties. The recommended score is 1-0 / 2-1.

Sampdoria vs. Milan

In the Asian index, many companies opened the home field in Sampdoria +0.75 goal handicap. In terms of competition, Samp paid 4.00 for home wins, 3.70 for draws and 1.62 for defeats. Handicap Index, Samp (+1) pays 1.95 for a win, pays 3.50 for a draw, and pays for a loss of 2.95. In terms of large and small balls, the big ball is 1.67 and the small ball is 2.20. At halftime, Milan / Milan has the lowest odds of 2.88, followed by a draw / Milan with 4.75. In the results index, both sides have the lowest odds of a 1-1 draw, 6.50, followed by Milan with a small away score, of which 1-2 is 8.00. Milan is still at the top of the list. In terms of their strength, they are superior. We are optimistic about their results on the away field and we recommend the result 0-2 / 1-2.Return to Sohu to see more


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