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Shock Conductivity button for playing Niu Ze sexual abuse of female staff police intervention investigation – careless information

According to media in Taiwan, film director "艋舺" Niu Chengze was shocked and sexually assaulted by female staff. Some media reported that he received news that Niu Chengze was suspected of invading female workers during the film "Horse Racing". Female generation). It is assumed that the woman was accompanied by a friend in the afternoon of the 5th afternoon report and made a transcript. After the news was published, the journalist also found a girlfriend. The other party found that a woman at this time was physically and mentally wounded and was not able to work at all.

According to a victim's friend, the wife joined Ren Xianki[微博]After the lead role in the movie "Horse" director Niu Chengze did not shun the frequency and heeded it. It's no secret to take care of that. Staff also privately said crew members initially thought this was his move to deliberately ease the shooting atmosphere.

Niu Chengze

The woman (in the middle), accompanied by a friend, went to the police station to report the case and record the confession.

The female hand has an obvious bruise

According to A's girlfriend, in late November, the original team had a meeting, but Niu Chengze suddenly canceled the meeting because of a bad physical and mental condition. She then sent a message for a female chat head to her home and mentioned that she could bring a female face. Get up.

After arriving at the home of Niue Chengde at about 5 pm, many friends in the house were Niu Chengde, and later all left and abandoned Niu Chengde, wife and the main three. Later, the female boss also wanted to go home because of a hangover. With the slogan "I respect women very much," I want the Sergeant to leave first.

Neither Chengze first approached and touched his head and shoulders, then threw himself on the sofa and made him force himself. Her wife was concerned that Niu Cheng was unhappy because she decided to stay alone. Kissing, undressing, and even rampant attacks, the process is very rude.

The friend also said that Niu Chengze had a strong desire for the beast, and that the woman was physically and mentally exhausted, and she trembled on the sofa. Then, Niu Chengze found that he had a great disaster and tried to apologize, but the victim was too scared to pack the team's twinkling overnight.

The woman was accompanied by a friend at the hospital for the first time, and from the inspection list there were many lacerations. The friend also provided photographs of the woman's left and right hand, confirming that she was destroyed.

It is understood that within 10 days of the incident, the surface of Niu Chengde normally works, but he is quite private. He continually sends messages to a woman for the release of repentance, but helplessness is caused and does not help. The reporter who first called Niu Chengze and even after the expiration of the deadline, multichannel mobile phones were transferred to voice mail, supervisor Liu Weiran and the producers did not start, and the message was not read to Liu, in the end only the executive took a call, Knowing his phone, he said: "Unfortunately, we are busy." Then I hung up.

Then I called Miss A, the voice on the other side sounded quite popular. She said she was a little busy now and asked her if she knew about it. She said: "Yes, now I do not have time to talk about these things now." I hurried to descend.

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