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Reporter unannounced visits to the helmets of workers at the front positions: as much as 5 yuan, the hand of the hand is a slumber

Today (April 26th), the Beijing Commission on Housing and Urban-Rural Development on the official site reported that from 26th to 31st May, the inspection of the use of helmets was carried out at the construction site of the city construction and infrastructure projects of the municipality. .

Previously, a video of "workers' contrast and leader helmets" spread on the Internet, causing a broad public discussion about the quality of helmets for workers on the front line.

A Beijing News reporter reported that many salesmen in Beijing said cheaper helmets had a bigger market. The reporter will buy 10 helmets from 6 yuan to 38 yuan on the market and send them to the National Quality Assurance Center for Quality Control Products and the inspection center (Beijing) for testing. Only 4 models are qualified, and some helmets have a deformation and a halt in the caps. Exposures breaks, shedding, etc.

Xu Chao, deputy director of the Office of Inspection Supervision of the Center for Quality Control and Inspection of National Labor Protection, said inferior helmets are flooding the market, and the main problems should be in procurement and use. The employer will assume the responsibility to provide employees' labor protection products that meet the standards.

The 15 yuan helmet was tested after a low temperature pre-treatment, and a hole with a diameter of more than 5 cm appeared on top. Beijing news reporter Tang Yue picture

Dealer: Great demand for cheap helmets

On April 23, a journalist in Beijing visited several labor insurers in Beijing. Many traders say cheaper helmets are more popular and have acknowledged that some of them are of poor quality.

In the market for large building materials in Chaoyang County, Beijing, a labor store officer introduced a helmet with a price of 35 yuan to the journalist, saying that even if he falls to the ground, there will be no harm. For another helmet with a price of 8 yuan, she frankly said: "Do not let it fall".

At the counter of another hard-hat soldier in the mall, helmets of different price, style and material are neatly arranged and stacked. Officer Liu Qiang (a pseudonym) told reporters that the price of these helmets ranges from 6 yuan to 35 yuan. The demand for helmets within 10 yuan was once very large, and the cheapest helmet plastic costs only 3 yuan. "Many people just want to be cheap."

Liu Qiang said that after "the contrast of workers and leader helmets" video caused great concern, sales of helmets within 10 yuan significantly decreased. The basic cost of helmets used by construction workers has now risen to "less than 20 yuan". His family no longer sells 3 yuan helmets, and production of helmets with a unit price of 6 yuan gradually decreases.

In another hardware retail store in Xicheng District, Beijing, the clerk provided a journalist with a helmet with a price of 8 yuan and without a logo, and said it did not include testing. "It's all one-time, if you carry it, you lose it, when you sell it, it will be explained to you. This quality is not enough."

Performer: Quality is good and conscious

Zhang Xia, a construction contractor in Beijing, told a Beijing news reporter that generally, large groups are responsible for buying helmets and other materials. After the project department arrives at the construction site, the material group will buy on the local market of building materials. Costs for the procurement of materials such as helmets are project budget expenditures, which are included in the costs of the total contractor and are not deducted from the salary of the employee.

According to the introduction, the cost of helmets purchased from regular projects ranges from 20 yuan to 50 yuan. In general, white and red belong to the management side, and the quality is better than the blue or white that ordinary workers carry. But that does not mean that the helmets of ordinary workers are unqualified. "For security reasons, I do not dare to buy bad things." At the same time, there are supervisors who supervise and manage helmets.

However, Zhang Xia mentioned that because of the conclusion of contracts, some small construction teams may have their own purchase helmets. "This quality can not be guaranteed".

Wang Kang, who worked for a long time as a performer, told reporters that workers must wear helmets in place, but there is no clear standard for buying helmets. Some of them are unified purchasing of the company, and some are class owners (contractors) to deal with their own. As for the quality of the helmets that the owners of the classes buy, it is completely self-conscious. "It's good and bad."

Wang Kang has introduced that it is generally purchased in building materials city, ranging from 5 yuan to 50 yuan in different points points. Ordinary workers usually use more than 10 yuan. "If we buy them, we have to take the money from workers' salaries."

On April 18, a journalist in Beijing visited the large construction site in Beijing. For the source of the helmet, many workers say they will not buy helmets, most often at the construction site or performers. Some workers find that if their helmets are lost or damaged, a replacement will require "taking away the money on the small warehouse". In general, it is necessary to deduct 20 yuan, so some foremen will buy and replace directly "Buy is cheaper".

Several workers at the above construction sites say the price of the helmet they were carrying was "more than 10 yuan," but an employee said his hat was lighter and worth only 5 yuan.

The same day, at a paving construction site in Xicheng District, Beijing, the journalist found that two of the five helmets worn by the workers were soft in the texture, and their hands could cover the signs on the surface.

Testing: 10 helmets are qualified only for 4 models

In the afternoon of April 24, a Beijing news reporter will buy 10 helmets from 6 yuan to 38 yuan on the market and send them to the National Center for Quality Assurance of Quality Assurance Products and the inspection center (Beijing) for testing.

According to the newest national standard GB2811-2007, the qualified qualified helmet is subjected to a high impact temperature test (50 ° C), low temperature (-10 ° C) and pre-treatment with water, with a drop of 5 kg drop from a height of 1 m and the force that is transferred to the head mold. Not more than 4,900 Newtons, the shell must not have a residual drop.

According to Xu Chao, deputy director of the Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for the Protection of National Product Safety Products (Beijing), high temperature, low temperature and water treatment simulate the high and low temperature, rain and sweat that can to appear during the actual work. If the effectiveness of the shock absorbing helmet is unacceptable, it will cause irreversible damage to the head of the wearer and cervix. "From a medical point of view, 8,000 Newton is the limit".

The results of the tests show that there are 6 unqualified 10 helmets sent by the reporter, and the strength of 6 yuan, 8 yuan, 10 yuan, 15 yuan and two 18 yuan helmets transferred to the head mold has more than 10,000 Newtons. Some of the drops are deformed and broken, and the cap is broken and falls.

The reporter noted that the 15 yuan safety helmets were tested after pre-treatment with low temperatures. A hole with a diameter of more than 5 cm appeared at the top of the drop hammer, and the fragments were dispersed around. "This is not permitted by standard, and chipping will cause secondary damage to the user," Xu Chao said. Another typical is a shield of 8 yuan. After testing, the inner parts of the cap are completely separate. The cap surrounding the head is fixed, and the pillow placed between the cap and cap absorbs the impact. It's a relatively serious fracture. "In addition, the hat also appeared cracked, how to split in half.

After the test of 8 yuan helmet, the cover collapsed and fell. Beijing news reporter Tang Yue picture

Dealer: The manufacturer's automatic test report may not meet national standards

On April 25, a Beijing reporter called on the hard-hat dealer Liu Qiang (a pseudonym) to request a test report. He acknowledges that the test report is divided into two types: factory self-examination and relevant national authorities. The former may not meet national standards. "It does not work. The test report issued by the manufacturer is a piece of paper. If you say that it is qualified, it will pass."

According to its introduction, it is necessary to send the relevant national authorities to reveal the cost. To save costs, the manufacturer will select several check helmets each year, and other reports will use other types of hats. "Several tests are taken each year, and then all types of hats use this test report."

The reporter noted that the test report provided by the merchant did not match the type of hat that the journalist had purchased. Hardware vendor Wang Ming (a pseudonym) issued a formal test report, which showed that the helmet type was round, and the reporter bought V form from the dealer. There is a significant difference between the two.

Liu Qiang said frankly that the helmet under $ 10 could not produce a test report. As for the 10 yuan, 15 yuan and 18 yuan helmets purchased by reporters, test reports issued by manufacturers can be provided. "Everyone is qualified, but they are not sent to national testing institutions." He said that generally used hammers. It will not be bad, but may not be able to meet the standard after taking treatment for high temperature, low temperature and immersion in water according to national standards.

Liu Qiang said that after the crusty hard hat incident, the industry was hit by this, and some manufacturers re-established production standards. Among them, 15 helmets and 18 yuan helmets, purchased by journalists, came up with new models. After confirming the goods, he can send samples to the relevant national authorities for testing. "I'm sure I can pass the test, if you want, you will be given a new one." ()) But he noted that 10 yuan this "definitely not" can not be further tested.

Expert: Employers should take responsibility for leadership

As a protective article for preventing falling of objects from damage to the head, the helmet is mainly used in oil field drilling, in the collection of forests, power lines, construction and other jobs.

It is understandable that in terms of material classification, there are mainly two kinds of plastic and glass steel helmets on the market. Among them, plastic is divided into PE (polyethylene) and ABS (commonly known as engineering plastics). Xu Chao has introduced that different materials have certain differences in high temperature resistance, wear resistance, etc., but regardless of which material should meet the standard requirements.

Xu Chao recalled that in addition to the price factor, you can also pay attention to the feeling and quality when buying a helmet. "According to my experience, it's reasonable to weigh about 400 grams." Also, pay attention to whether the joint between the lid and the lid is strong.

In January this year, the State Administration for Market Surveillance issued the "State Administration Notice on Market Surveillance for State Supervision and Inspection of 23 Types of Quality Product for Electric Children's Transport in 2018" on the official website. It is mentioned that the competent services randomly checked 71 series helmets produced by 71 companies in 11 provinces (cities), of which 12 were unqualified, and the unqualified detection rate was 16.9%. Unclear elements include the properties of impact absorption (high temperature, low temperature, immersion in water) and resistance to breakdown (low temperature).

Xu Chao further stated that from 2016 to 2018, the overall review rate of product quality inspections in production is 93.3%, 88.9% and 83.1%, respectively. "It's still relatively high. It can be said that the quality of helmets in the production field is relatively stable." Field test in the circulation field (market and use links) in 2015 showed that the total rate of passage was only 32.6%.

Xu Chao said the main problem should be in procurement and use. I have always stressed the management of the sources, ie there will be no lost products when managing the source. "But, at present, although the management of the sources is important, the market largely depends on demand." If there is no demand, "I believe that nobody will produce it." This is like a famous slogan: "There is no murder without buying or selling."

The "Law on Production Safety of the People's Republic of China" stipulates that production and business units must provide products to protect workers to meet national or industry standards and to monitor and educate employees to wear and use under the rules of use. If the production and business unit does not provide labor protection products that meet national standards or industry standards for employees, they will be required to make corrections within a time limit and may be fined not more than 50,000 yuan, if they fail to make corrections within the time limit, shall be fined not less than 50,000 yuan, but not more than 200,000 yuan. The responsible person directly responsible for this and another directly responsible person will be fined not less than 10,000 yuan, but not more than 20,000 yuan, if the circumstances are serious, they will be ordered to interrupt the production and suspend the business for removal, if a criminal act is created, criminal liability will be investigated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Code.

Xu Chao said that the purchase of cheap and unqualified products "the employers have not fulfilled their obligations". However, in the process of supervision and use, there are no clear laws and regulations at the specific operational level. According to its introduction, the relevant national standards management departments prepare and formulate standards for individual protective equipment for different industries. The standards will be introduced in the near future. After the introduction, there will be a specific management framework for surveillance in the field of use and circulation. In addition, the industry is actively monitoring the traceability of products to achieve full life cycle management of products from production to retirement.

Beijing: The inspection of the use of helmets will be carried out from now on.

Problems reflected in the video are "broken" first-line work helmets highly appreciated by the relevant departments.

The official Weibo from the Emergency Management Department responded: "Even if the work helmets are not safe, how can they achieve production safety? Implementation of the responsibility for the production safety of an enterprise must not be in shape, floating on the surface" .

On April 26, the official website of the Committee on Housing and Urban and Rural Development of Beijing announced that from May 26th to May 31st the Committee for Housing and Urban Rural Development decided to implement the use of helmets at the construction site for the city construction and municipal infrastructure projects. Great check.

It is understood that the scope of the inspection is all residential and municipal infrastructure projects that have received construction procedures in the city. The inspection forms are divided into two phases: self-examination and checks of self-management and enforcement of the law, and inspections are carried out in terms of physical security and behavior of the management.

In terms of physical safety, helmet cover, cover and helmet helmet lining, performance category and dripping material, identification and product description, effective period of use of the product, damage and lack of parts, check that the helmet meets the relevant standards. Request. Checking behavior management will include: the use of safe and civilized construction fees, the managerial responsibility of the construction general contractor, the system for accepting and accepting the helmet, managing the registration and recycling of the helmet.

Покрај тоа, од 1 јуни 2019 година, изградбата, инспекцијата, прифаќањето, дистрибуцијата и користењето на шлемови за градежни единици на градското градежништво и општинските инфраструктурни проекти (вклучувајќи ги и градежните генерални изведувачи, професионални подизведувачи и подизведувачи на работна сила) Замената и укинувањето е одговорност на генералниот изведувач и генералниот изведувач и подизведувач ќе го потпишат подизведувачот пред 1 јуни 2019 година и јасно е дека горенаведената одговорност е одговорност на единицата за подизведување.

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