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Read "Knowledge", wigs have little impact on the value of Zhao Leing – information without concern

Earlier I said that at the end of the year, the stars for entertainment are rushing to the performance. I did not expect the film industry to admit defeat. Because the "Great Rivers and Rivers" have achieved good results, another pay for IP was launched at noon. Yes, it's everyone who rejoices to "I know if it should be green, fat and thin".

The show was on Christmas Day 25, while the four episodes were not played yesterday, and the current ratings are not bad.

This is the second big drama of Zhao Leing this year, and is still the first show after marriage with Feng Shaofeng. According to this rating, Zhao Leing will be queen of this year's ratings.

There are a total of 73 episodes of "Knowledge" (do not be afraid to be afraid, Xiao Xiao also finds this episode a bit awful), and is currently updated only to the fourth episode. Let's first come together with the little ones to understand the product.

"Knowledge" is a novel with the same name, adjusted by the chaos of concern. The original novel is for civil lawyer Yao Yi, who passed through the mudslide and became the sixth Miss Sheng Minglang, born in Shengfu. After crossing the ancient times, Yao Yi (also known as the drama version of Sheng Minglang) was initially negative, but under the pressure of all, Yao Yi finally began to stand on his feet.

The novel "Knowledge" is especially popular with readers and has always been regarded as a classic on the land field.

There is a palace in ancient times, "River Daiyang" has village struggles and factory struggles, "Knowledge" came to the house, it seems that everyone is very interested in "fight".

The drama version of "Knowledge" removes the transition element and directly tells the story of Sheng Minglan. She tells the story of growth, love, and marriage through the bureaucratic family girl Minglan. Sheng Minglang was transformed into a legend of the struggle for inspirational women in the family house, according to the ancient ethical system. This is roughly in line with the main plot of the novel.

The first episode dates back to the time when Ming Lan was a child, and her mother, Wei Xiaoniang, had three bedrooms, and her family position was the lowest. Even the coal block that was lit in winter would have been taken away.

Although the wife of the great house Wang Da Niangzi has the highest status in the family, but the second room Lin Xiao Niang has the deepest heart, and she deeply loves the master, and the key to the card is also in her hands. The three fire of coal and food are separated from two rooms, but Wei Xiaoniang knows the danger of the house and always refuses to say it. Even if she is pregnant, she will try to do anything that does nothing.

I did not expect that the coal block I wanted to do was not for heating. To get everyone to feel comfortable, Wei Xiaoniang decided to take out his own dowry and take it. Xiao Minglan refused to get off, and proposed to use these coal blocks for cooking for the exchange of coal fire.

It can be seen that at that time, even if she was married to a wealthy family and was pregnant, she would be unjustly considered a beggar.

The same day, Yuan Jiate, Earl of Tokyo Zhongqin, came to hire Shenglaan, Juanan's eldest daughter, but several mayors Yuan Jia personally did not come to Yangzhou to recruit, but only sent his eldest son Yuan Wenchun.

Everyone sees the boy who knows the circle. He is Gu Tingyu (that is, when Feng Shaofeng plays as a child), and he suddenly thinks he is a Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun.

Well, let's get hold of business, and let me know what to do.

Shengjie's scorpion singer, Changfeng, is ignorant, and the white scorpion is more likely to lose the sweetness of the castor.

Unexpectedly, Minglane overcame the pot and got up. He defeated the day and saved the bridegroom for his sister.

Later, when Ming Lan sent something to his father, he begged his father to look at Wei Xiaoniang.

Sheng later went to see Wei Xiaoniang, waiting to feel that there were some cold in the house of Wei Xiaoniang, Wei Xiaoniang began to persuade him to return to the house, trying to avoid the lack of coal in the house. However, Minglang was really distressed by her mother, and she cried to her father and said that there was no fireproof fire in the house.

Ming Lan then told Sheng Sheng that they were detained yesterday.

Ming Lan also told Sheng Sheng that the food is often missing, but Wei Xiaoniang concealed her own situation.

Sheng Hao immediately went into question Lin Xiaoniang, and Lin Xiaoniang claims that she has never detained Wei Xiaoniang.

Lin Xiaoniang, who is about Lin Xiaoniang, also said he would use his money to give his two or two bird nests every month, in order to take care of Wei Xiaoniang.

Lin Xiaoniang's complaints, little understanding, almost everyone believes.

So Sheng Sheng sent a thorough investigation, and found that rejected examples were hidden in the room of Lin Xiaoniang is a personal maid Xiaodie.

Wei Xiaoniang argued for Xiaodie, but Shengyu did not believe that Wei Xiaoniang knew that someone had intentionally framed him and could only beg for Sheng and Wang to stay in Xiaodie. Sheng Sheng did not want to make things big, he took Xiaodie out.

Unexpectedly, when the issue of the Sheng family was not well-managed, it was suddenly reported that Sheng Changbai was beaten.

Sheng Sheng announced the official, Yuan Wenchun saw the adults and begged to find a baby is missing, because he is the second son of Ningyuan Houfu in Tokyo, Gu Tingyi, changed his name to Bailu for the convenience of the road!

When the adults heard the name, they were upset, immediately shutting down the city. Even if they betrayed Yangzhou, they will find Gu Tingyu!

Lin Xiaoniang was scared and asked the doctor to come and asked the doctor to look at the couple. If she has something wrong with her, she will tell her that she will not be afraid to scare the guardian.

Lin Xiaoniang made two more scorpions of Wei Niangzi to send the past, saying that she went to Wei Xiaoniang, where she is her, and can not be three or four, the master and servant have a glance, but they all understand the meaning of the other one.

This house is not lost from the palace, and I just feel more exciting.

The next day, Yangzhou City began a major search and arrest, but did not see Gu Tingyi half-hair. Shortly thereafter, I found the body of Gu Tingsi, saying it was a long time to make a difference, but there was a token in it, and struggled under the water.

On the day of the death of the White House, Gu Ting took a garment from a barrow and appeared with his grandfather, the white grandfather, that he handed the family to his own hands.

The promise had previously insisted that a white elder made him a heir, and both parties claimed that both adults had to take out the personal letter of Bai Laotai and Gu Tingjun to identify with the letter.

After Gu Tingzhuo continued to take out the letter that the dead mother accused Baiting of preventing the family property. Several people have already been removed from the genealogy, and everyone has recognized the identity of Gu Tingjun.

Wei Xiaoniang always wanted to allow Ming Lan to go to the old lady to serve, but Ming Lan did not want to leave A Niang, the two had a dispute, and Wei Xiaoniang suddenly got upset. I have to be born.

Lin Xiaoniang received news and rushed over Minglang was in a hurry and turned, the midwife was a little problematic. She actually found an excuse to run temporarily. Ming Lan personally ran to find Langzhong.

I was on the road and I met with Gu Tingyu who was on the way. Once Gu Tingyu learned about this issue, he immediately took Minglan fast horse and went to find Langzhong.

After many troubles, I finally asked Langzhong, as a result, no one responded to the Sheng family. Gu Tingyu then untied the rope and climbed into the yard, which Langzhong brought to Wei Niangzi.

Lin Xiaoniang was shocked. Unlike the house keeper Xiao Niang cries, she blames both on how to get into the inner courtyard. Gu Ting was lazy and explained to her, and the girl was beaten, and Lin Xiaoniang was willing to give up.

Lang Zhong told Wei Xiaoniang that the child in the stomach of his mother killed Wei Xiaoniang. Wei Niang firmly held the hand of Sheng Minglang, let him take the inserted elbows for insertion in Gu Tingzhuo, and left the exported image of Sheng Minglang.

Sheng Minglan's tears dried up, and Nyan's words shook. Wei Niang left the last few words of Sheng Minglan, and everything was the greatest.

In the helpless cry of Sheng Minglan, Wei Xiaoniang is still gone.

The family of Wei Xiaoniang came, and she was little sister Ming Lan. She was thinking about returning Minglang. However, Sheng Hao categorically refused to send Ming Lan.

Later, Sheng Sheng went to Beijing, and Sheng Jia went to the ship. Gu Tingyu also went to Beijing. Sheng Minglan gave Gu Tingzhu with knee pads, thanking him for his help.

After the ship was locked, they all left the port and left the port.

The Sheng family has just arrived in Beijing Jing One House. Within a few days, the school will arrive in Beijing. Sheng Hao did not want Sheng Minglang to read, saying she was still young, and now her mind is unpredictable. Ms. Sheng's position is very strong, so Minglang must go to school.

Several girls and young masters of the Sheng family went to school, and gradually grew up in the sound of the songs of Chuang Xu.

Finally, of course, it's grown! Finally introduced the protagonist debut

Are you crazy as you are?

Little grandfather Qi Chi (the teacher finally appeared!) Likes calligraphy and conversations with Sheng Sheng, several Sheng family girls waiting around the old lady, Ming Lan hiding in the other side and playing with Xiaotao. Chi Heng could not help but snicker.

Qi Heng heard that Yu Lota spent some time and wanted to stay for dinner, but did not want to use his mind around him. He wanted to stay and see Minglan.

Hahaha, let's look at the small expression of the arrogant teacher, and I really think it's so cute.

Chi Heng just wanted to change his mind, but I realized that his cloth cloth was lost, so he had to come back and look for it.

Because Chi Heng's idea is: This fur cloth is a personal matter, and if you do not find a name for preaching, you may not be able to say it in the future. Ming Lan is just like her thought.

So the two talked about this while he was going. I did not expect to hear Yu Sukin's auxiliary voice around Molan on the road. It turned out that the towel was on Sukin. Sheng Minglang can see the term, fearing that someone planted it.

Ming Lan did not want to go to Sukin to ask, so the two talked to Sheng Changbai. Who knows I just met Chi Heng when I got back. He had already heard it in the past, and Chi Heng said he would keep the captive.

I know how to see him here. I want to say that the speed of our teacher's speed is a bit faster. I am afraid to see Minglan and hide behind.

Ming Lan always wrote bad words, so he left behind Zhou Xu. Ming Lan pleaded for copying books with the fact that he could not have benefited many days. Zhuang Xueyan asked her to copy the theory of saline iron. After three days she turned to face. Minglan listened to her face and took a good meal to invite her to spend more.

On returning to the house, Minglang had a headache for copying books. Chi Heng found a chance to stop her and always wanted to be close to her. However, Ming Lan always deliberately alienated her, and refused Qi Heng to help her copy the book.

Chi Heng took some fruits of Sheng Minglan, Sheng Minglan and Xiao Tao always retreated. Qi Heng had to put a fruit and a good pen in the hands of Ming Lan and quickly left.

Currently, Gu Tingyu (Feng Shaofeng) after the breeding just flashed a few seconds. Little understands that you can not exit again, but we will take Minglan.

As for the current plot, Xiaojian still feels good, the action is online, but it will be difficult to say whether in the future it will hit the street.

This drama is not aired first, why are everyone expecting so much? Little understands to give you a few highlights.

1. Lin Xiaoniang and Wang Dayi fight each other to become the main and laughter of the whole drama.

Lin Xiaoniang's power is an interpretation of "green tea", all kinds of as spoiled.

Lin Xiaoniang is a game, you know it and the expression of the great lady is the same.

Some netizens sort the maps of their senses and feelings, and I understand how to share them with you. Perfectly interprets images that hate women and men: When men are charming, men look at them, and women just want to recapture.

When you cry, the man will feel bad, and the woman will not like and hate.

When they shouted to each other, the great lady sat in his arms, but the heart was in heaven.

When the great lady was Yu Lin Xiao Niang, Sheng Sheng was upset and thought: Oh, this woman is really enough. The audience is: a cry of wonderful sly.

The great lady is so heavy and wants little sprinkling, but the grandfather feels like a ghost.

When the great lady did something, Sheng Sheng felt she was stupid, but the audience felt that she was doing a good job.

Hahaha, the competition of these three people is really an accent and laughter of the whole drama. Little is understood that the great lady is truly true, especially as a woman who judges three in reality, so overpowering.

2. Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng marriage couples file collaboration, public pay and fall in love

This drama is really the first show after their marriage. Although Feng Shaofeng is not yet fully debuted, it will be particularly sweet afterwards.

Not only the love of the show and external media interviews, but also the sweetness of their two. The reporter asked if they were attracted to one another. Feng Shaofeng looked happy and replied that he was on the side of Zhao Leing. It will be more stable.

Uh huh, it really is not seen. Except that you see that you fall in love with both games, you even killed the dog outside the play.

I do not know what will bring the public interest of both of us all in the drama, or we look forward to a little eagerly.

3. The afternoon drama is well done and the scene is basically renewed.

In the afternoon sun, everyone needs to know everything. Who are "琅琊 榜", "pretender", "parental love" etc., like many other high scurvy works, especially they are called "no-load decoration team," because each scene has been renovated, the scenes in the book are coming back as much as possible.

The composition of the play, the central single, the gradual group picture, the square and the symmetrical house, even the siege picture, are radiative with a sense of depth, with the image of "Big Bang" One withdrawal.

Moreover, for the complete return of ancient times, the lights used in the night recording were replaced by candles at noon.

This is really amazing. The audience no longer has to worry about passing, or the crew is no longer worried about wearing it.

As a team for decorating the name of the expenditures, besides the villas that will build the "pretentious", the village will be built into the "big river", and even our fields will change in their own species.


It is said that there is a scene where wheat seedlings need to be fired, but the art group can not find seedlings of wheat, and planting the amaranth that looks like young wheat seedlings. As a result, the director is not satisfied and finds a master who has experience and knows how to farm and makes everyone grow wheat and other wheat seedlings. Growing it, crossing the border in the field of wheat.

My Scorpio, I understand that I just want to ask, is there any work that you will not do at noon? In the future, the crew crew will not enter the group, and they can make a fortune by relying on this craft.

In addition to the restoration of the stage, the director also adopted the shooting method in the style of drama, at the end of the entire set of mirrors in the end, everywhere is true, the actors are filled with pressure.

Feng Shoofeng said: "The first scene I took in the group was that I was with a dragon, nobody knew, and then the stage was a special tin-for-steal. I returned three days."

Three days … I do not know how to remember the text when I was a kid. It's a long time that I can finish it. The actor is not easy.

Among them, Liu Wei, played by Sheng Sheng, announced at the press conference: "(Present) I seem to have been beaten, my oldest daughter is not playing, the oldest daughter has not come today, everyone else beat me and we really started at the beginning . "

Playing like Wang Renjun Sheng Changbai also said: "It is a very long" family baguette "as a golf club, then the head is made of iron, it is curved, and finally curved" home "Educator" was upright. "

I have one day, this may be a little overweight duck.

In short, this drama gets a lot of attention before it is broadcast. After broadcasting, it was received all the time. It can also be seen that the whole drama is well-made and the group's director has made great efforts.

However, I still want to spit on small points. Ultimately, watching the drama will come out, and it will be more interesting to see.

Little understand first to give all a few big points, everyone to avoid pulling on the thunder.

Although the picture for the whole drama seems particularly elegant, everyone also said that it fit into the stage in the book. Но, Xiaozhi мора да повраќа, зошто услугата група не даде Жао Лиењето подобро тресне?

Може ли оваа перика песна повторно да се фалсификува?

Каде што услужната група го купи, излезе, ветувам дека нема да те убијам.

Исто така, целата приказна е премногу бавна, досега емитуваше четири епизоди, се појави четвртата епизода на протагонистот, вкупно повеќе од 60 епизоди, мојот Шкорпија, тоа зависи од една година ~

Иако првите три епизоди беа мали и разбрани од страна на малите актери во драмата, ја видов интеракцијата меѓу Xiao Minglan и Xiao Gu Tingyi размислувајќи за ѕидот на чекан.

Сите видови на медитација во срцето: тие се уште се мали, сè уште мали, не можат да мислат. Сепак, малиот потег на таква темна мрда е навистина да дозволиме малата cp душа безумно да се запали!

Гу Tingyu во својата младост е навистина, секој потег е како надмоќниот претседател во реалноста, и тој секогаш го прави тоа прво.

Направете уредување на Xiao Minglan правилно.

Ова надмоќно разбирање не можеше да се извлече.

Детето кое игра Xiao Gu Tingwei се вика Бјан Тјанјанг, кој има само петнаесет години. Горенаведените малку разбира дека е многу сличен со Џин Xiuxian, но всушност гледам како брат од четири карактери, Ји Qian Qian.

Погледни ја оваа веѓа, тоа е малку?

Исто така постојат нетизени во баражот кои мислат дека две лица се сосема слични.

Младите, дејствувањето е толку добро, изгледа дека иднината е безгранична.

Во прилог на неа, Xiao разбере тука да се зборува за Xiao Minglan, ова девојче навистина го прави Xiao Xiao љубов мизерно.

Дали сеуште се сеќавате на малата месечина во "Yue Yue Chuan"? Таа е актерот Лиу Chuxi.

Таа е само девет години оваа година, знае дека не може да ја искористи за да ги опише нејзините актерски способности.

Овој израз на разочарување е навистина во место. Особено на сцената во која Веи Xiaoniang почина, плаче сцена Xiao Minglan, Xiaoxiao не држат назад и плачеше со неа.

Многу нетизени исто така рекоа дека играта на Xiao Minglan е навистина добра!

Денес, малите актери се толку моќни и мора да се восхитуваат. Воодушевени во исто време, малку загрижени за долгата верзија на Минг Лан и Гу Tingyu играна од Жао Лиинг и Фенг Шаофенг, дали ќе бидат удрени од мали актери

По завршувањето на глума актер, повторно го разбирам сценаристот. Оваа голема IP-драма, сценаристот всушност направи педијатриска грешка.

Ванг тетка рече во претставата дека гостопримството не е добро, и дека мали луѓе треба да се запамети дека тоа треба да биде подобар прием.

Девојчето треба да ја направи љубовта порелевантна.

Направете празна (pī) дете во ембрион[pēi]Дете.

Иако ова е само мала грешка, но, на крајот на краиштата, многу деца ќе гледаат телевизиски драми и ќе учат. Не правете грешки во учењето деца.

Малку се разбере дека "не знам" беше одамна изложено на цвеќе и почна да го промовира загревањето однапред. Покрај тоа, се мислеше дека тоа беше пропаганда на раниот "Нов сон на црвени палати" кога беше изложена.

Сите мислат дека двете парчиња цвеќе се многу слични од позадинската музика и звукот на сликата.

Малку сфаќа дека двете титули се пресечени, но целокупниот стил е малку како многу.

Затоа, многу нетизени веруваат дека оваа драма ќе биде голем пожар или ќе биде иста како и "Новата Црвена куќа". Сепак, повеќето нетизени сметаат дека причината зошто "Новата Црвена куќа" ја удира улицата е поради тоа што кастингот не е избран.

Што се однесува до оваа драма, можноста за флертување на улицата е малку мала, но публиката не може да си дозволи повеќе од 70 епизоди за да види дали Жао Лиинг и Фенг Шаофенг може да го поддржат во иднина.

Откако ќе го завршам актерското делување и целата драма, ќе го разберам авторот на "Знаењето". Ако актерите се многу силни, но на крајот, тие се уште имаат некаква одговорност за авторот.

Како што рековте? Пред да научи малку за тоа, авторот еднаш внимателно го анализираше "Sweet Honey" на Weibo, а исто така ги потврди актерските способности на Deng Lun, но рече дека "актерот кој сега е на пазарот нема позади". .

Зошто го кажуваш ова? Причината е во тоа што таа смета дека "Денг Лун има само дебитираше неколку години, но веќе има многу машки и машки партнери", и не постојат недостаток на различни ресурси. Зарем тоа не е затоа што има зад сцената? Можеби ова е нејзиниот внатрешен монолог.

Меѓутоа, всушност, во нејзините мали дела нема критика. Наместо тоа, таа вели дека "е достоен за овие ресурси" и "нема дел".

По разговорот за Денг Лун, тој исто така го спомна и вториот машки Луо Јуни, кој го пофали за "отворање на целата линија, сите видови на конверзија на темпераментот е без бариери" и "сите во еден".

На крајот, авторот, кој не е премногу голем, исто така, коментираше за битката меѓу двете. Тој верува дека причината зошто двете компании го раскинуваат овој пат е затоа што "Луо Јунси ја има улогата".

О, само сакам да кажам дека авторот навистина не знае колку е ужасен розовиот круг. Знаејќи дека кога емитуваше "Ксијангми", мажите, мажите, двата обожаватели и двајцата обожаватели, поради факторите како драмата, беа толку мрачни и мрачни, што го направија ова забелешка на коските на овој фестивал. Xiaoxiao само сакаше да и 'даде комплимент.

Така веднаш се појавија обожаватели на Дарен и некои драматични правци, кои ги искинаа "прилагодени на драмата за сопствените романи", "повлекување на мажите", "намерно водство, со скриени мотиви".

Еден од авторите ги преживеал овие илјадници војници, и бил принуден да го испразни Веибо и да се повлече.

Првично мислеше дека ова е завршено? Не, авторот претходно коментираше за Јанг Јанг. Во почетокот тој рече дека сите разговараат за вештините на Јанг Јанг, но таа смета дека Јанг Јанг ќе стане вториот Танг Гуоцјанг, но тој е само-контрадикторни. Не привлечени од Xiao Na, игран од Јанг Јанг.

Тој почна да се каже дека Јанг Јанг не беше висок и неговото тело не беше добро. Исто така, се вели дека лицето не може да оди на лице, но процентот на телото не е добар, навистина нема ништо да се направи. Јас дури и реков дека Јанг Јанг направил многу грешки во граматиката.

Потоа тој ги коментираше вештините на Јанг Јанг, велејќи дека не постигнал никаков напредок во изминатите неколку години и дека не бил изненаден од "Малата".

Еј, не можам да помогнам освен да аплаудирам на храброста на авторот. Значи, навистина не го знам страшниот розов круг. Кога ја разбра авторот Веибо, таа веќе ја избриша.

Може да се види како е ужасно насилство од сајбер. Во основа е невозможно да се оцени добро или лошо по своја волја. Сепак, разбирам дека забелешките на авторот се малку премногу радикални. Евалуацијата е оценета, и сите се уште се прифатливи. Малку е грдо што мора да се доживее солзите на навивачите.

Xiao Xiao слушнале пред слушање на нетизените откри дека "почетокот на" не знам "пропаганда не донесе Жу Јилунг, резултат на Жу Јилунг поради ненадејната експлозија, пропаганда, исто така, почна да го зема својот сообраќај како една од главните сили". И праша "Жу Јилунг нема да кружат овој пат".

Секој во оваа драма зборува за "Дали ќе стигне на улица?" Впрочем, вродените услови се одлични. Ако брзате на улица, тоа е "шега".

Сите мислат, откако ја прочитавте оваа драма, дали имате какви било мисли и сакате да продолжите да ја следите?

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