Friday , May 7 2021

Qualcomm refuses to restart NXP acquisition, says it will focus on 5G – Voice of America Chinese (VOA)

  1. Qualcomm refuses to restart acquisition of NXP, said it will focus on 5G VOA Chinese (VOA)
  2. Qualcomm officially responds: will not get NXP! – Qualcomm, NXP, Apple, – Fast Technology (Original Home Device) – Technology Changes the Future Drive Home
  3. Qualcomm: suspends acquisition of NXP transaction to pay $ 2 billion in disaggregated fees
  4. Qualcomm claims that the failure to obtain NXP trading for $ 44 billion is a foregone conclusion to refuse to restart the proposal – Qualcomm Qualcomm cnBeta
  5. Qualcomm will not restart the purchase of the NXP Semiconductors Wall Street Journal Chinese
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