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According to WeChat the public "point by principle science" news, there is a stereotype that needs to be corrected when it comes to protecting intellectual property of China. Namely: It is considered that the strict protection of intellectual property is foreign "I want to do it", ignoring China's demand for more active and active protection of intellectual property.

The strict protection of intellectual property in China is "I want to do it" or "I want to do it"?

Secretary General Xi Jinping, in his keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Boao Annual Forum in 2018, said: "Strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights. This is the most important content for improving the system for protecting the rights of owned and the biggest incentive to improve China's economic competitiveness. Foreign-funded enterprises have requirements, and Chinese companies have more demands. "

Obviously, it's "I want to do it!"

"I want to do it," how can I do it? Out of the many new information discovered from the current week of the National IP Week of Publicity, one can see the general trend of China's strict intellectual property protection.

"I want to do it," the first is to practice the law.

The law is the most difficult weapon to rule the country, and good law is mentioned before good governance. The revision of the Trade Marks Act and the Patent Law this year will increase the amount of compensation for an intellectual property rights infringement.

The amendment to the trademark law published on April 23 clearly explained that the amount of compensation for malicious infringements of exclusive trademark rights will increase from less than three times before the change of less than five times, and the maximum amount of legal fees will increase of three million yuan Five million yuan, the revised terms will be implemented from November 1 this year. Such punitive damages are relatively high internationally.

This year, the National People's Congress will also revise the patent law, focusing on improving the system of penal damages. In the current amendments to the Patent Law reviewed by the National People's Congress, it is envisaged that if the right to a patent is deliberately violated, if the circumstances are serious, it may be punished more than one-time and five times less.

"I want to do it," there are also improvements.

Protection of intellectual property rights requires improvement of the quality of the audit and the effectiveness of the intellectual property audit. Intellectual Property Protection of China is measured according to the highest efficiency in the world.

Last year's video conference on the reform of distribution services of the State Council set the goal: to reduce the average period of revision of trademarks from eight months to less than four months within five years, reaching the current "OECD" countries, namely "OECD". "The fastest level in the country, the average period of the patent patent patent has dropped by one third, and the high-value patent revision cycle has been reduced by more than half, which also reaches the world's newest fastest level.

How is this goal achieved? The latest data also emerged: the average trademark review cycle was significantly reduced to six months last year and will be further reduced to less than five months this year, the high-value patent review package was suppressed last year. A 10% reduction will be reduced by more than 15% this year.

"I want to do it" is more innovative.

Intellectual property protection "Internet +" is an innovation, and it is necessary to improve the protection effect by tracking the source, online identification and real-time monitoring. A new series of intellectual property protection centers, a new co-ordination mechanism that integrates rapid authorization, prompt confirmation and protection of intellectual property rights, is also an innovation, providing the public with comfortable, efficient and low-cost costs for the protection of rights. The establishment of an Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Center abroad is still a kind of research and innovation, which will improve the ability of Chinese enterprises to deal with intellectual property disputes abroad, so China's intellectual property rights are also effectively protected abroad.

So, why is China more and more proactive in protecting intellectual property? Why "I want to do it"?

First, there is a dynamic basis.

The patent system is to oil the genius from a fire. China is now at a stage where it is necessary to foster innovation.

From the current situation in economic development, strict protection of intellectual property is beneficial. China is accelerating the transformation from industrialization to informatization, and intangible assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and software play an important role. Given that China's economic development enters new normalcy, from factors driven by investment to innovation, it must strengthen the protection of intellectual property.

The business environment is only better, and not the best. Strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights will optimize the market environment and better relieve the vitality of innovation of different innovative entities.

Second, there is a foundation of ability.

China has become a real power of intellectual property. By the end of 2018, domestic (with the exception of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) found patents in the amount of 1.602 million, the number of invention patents per 10,000 inhabitants reached 11.5, the effective registration number of trademarks was 19.546 million and on average 5, 8 subjects on the market had one valid trademark. .

China's efforts to protect intellectual property were highly valued by various parties. According to the Global Innovation Index 2018, released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, China ranks 17th, to 5 seats since 2017. According to the World Bank report on business climate reports for 2018, China's business climate ranking increased from 78 in 2017 to 46th in 2018. At the Chinese Intellectual Property Forum in 2019, held on April 24th, WIPO's General Director, Francis Gary, conveyed in his keynote speech the outstanding achievements of China in the field of intellectual property over the past 40 years, saying China has become a model for the creation and protection of global intellectual property.

Currently, Chinese and foreign companies exchange very often. Secretary General Xi Jinping once said: "We encourage Chinese and foreign companies to conduct normal technical exchanges and cooperation to protect the legitimate intellectual property rights of enterprises funded by foreign companies in China. At the same time, we hope that foreign governments will strengthen protection of intellectual property rights in China ".

With respect, the protection of intellectual property is the cornerstone of the socialist market economy, the need for innovation-oriented development and the standard of international trade. The strict protection of intellectual property is not just "I want to do it", but also we must take it all together to do it. Actively take it!

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