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People's network approved Baidu: search engines need to put a charity and services in the first place – Baidu Baidu – cnBeta.COM

The search service makes the "private garden" service, which is not in accordance with the needs of public interest, nor does it meet the basic requirements of the "Law on Network Security" and "Rules for managing Internet information".

Some experts pointed out that the problem with Baidu, in fact, there are many large Internet platforms right now. In order to maintain their dominant position on the market, they "paint on the pitch", self-directed within the platform, selectively protect their competitors and refuse search of third parties. Free indexing of engine contents. Such behavior shakes the fundamental cornerstone of the Internet.

Baidu search leads traffic to its products, leading to all parties

"Baidu's search engine is dead" wrote: Recently, more than half of Baidu search results on the first page will point to Baidu's own Baidu products, especially on the Baijia no-media platform The content is comprehensive, but the quality is worrisome. Baidu is no longer a portal to the Chinese Internet, and has been renamed "Bahia Station Search".

"Baidu's search engine is dead" picture photo. The pictures in this article are on the map of all people for microblogging on the network

The article caused a lot of resonance, the netizens Su Zerui said: "I usually do not use Baidu, the search information is too messy and inefficient.In the traffic era, Baidu has the right to selectively provide users with content search to expand their traffic, but users will also be measured whether to continue using Baidu, and other search engines will also take the opportunity. "

Some media people have said that their articles have been forwarded by others, and the search contains only 100 content, and their websites can not enjoy the content traffic bonus. There are also authors of Baijiahao who consider that the platform review is more rigorous, since stationed traditional media and official institutions, the quality is relatively reliable and products are compared with WeChat and Taobao. "The openness of Baidu without notice is far greater than that of peers."

At 23, Baidu replied that the Baijia number is an important measure to improve the environmental experience of Baidu APP content. Currently, the Baidu content in Baidu search results is less than 10%. On the day of the 100th Baijia content maker, Baidu Vice Chairman Shen Xiao said that "no conscience": "In the era of computer, Baidu can access the content of any web site without any any obstacles to the standard browser, but in the era of the mobile Internet Many content is blocked in APP, making it difficult to access, so I release the smart applets Baijiahao and Baidu, hoping to change this situation. "Currently, Baidu APP reached 160 million daily activities, and the daily average of the flow of information is recommended. 15 billion, 100 content creators broke through 1.9 million.

In fact, ordinary netizens require information, that is, they want to get the most accurate and authoritative information. The best thing he wants to find is the title of the search results. Therefore, Baidu claims that the search results are "100% of the home page", and that "the total station is less than 10%" is lacking in conviction.

"News" changed the "information", Baidu "enclosure" transformation

On the 25th, it was reported that Baidu tuned the browser and directly placed the URL on it. The search results of the information no longer contain a web address, but the name of the medium is used instead. In other words, netizens can not directly distinguish whether the search results are from a website or a hundred. As commented on in the cnBeta report: "The search result for losing a web address will make the user need to open the link to see which web site he is coming from, which adds some inconvenience, as shown below. you're looking for the keyword "Huawei" It's not clear whether it's an external content or content that is stored in Baidu itself. "

Although Baijiahao search's weight has been improved by "sorting by quality content", Baidu still can not fully control the platform as a platform. There are problems in plagiarism and even mistakes in the media.

For example, in 2018, "acid-base deception" was discovered. When Baidu demanded the key words "sour figures", the top five pages of the "sorted by focus" information column were all 100 content, and the first one was January. Chapter 16 "An acid figure is the source of all diseases? The most critical health rumor in 2018, passed to the elderly at home" is a number of self-media called "Focus on monitoring meteorological information," and there is no Source article. According to the reporter's search, this article is actually the manuscript of the WeChat Public Health magazine on January 15. In other words, the first place in Baidu's information is a handwriting from the media that copies the "Health Times". At the same time, search fifth place, "sour body do not want to have a son, pregnant moms to bid farewell to these bad habits!" He still uses this paradox to make a fuss.

Looking back to the whole incident, this should be inseparable from the transformation of the Baidu content platform. In 2016, Baidu released the Baijia number. In August 2018, the Baidu News column in Baidu's search was quietly renamed "Baidu News", and search results also changed significantly. The initial results of the portal and traditional media have become number one. Main result. At that time, a self-assessment was made that says "Baidu will increase the weight of Baijiahao to the same status as the traditional media." Baijiahao will grow rapidly and is likely to become the first platform for self-media. "

In July 2017, Baidu launched a new search application "Simple Search". Li Yanhong once said: "A simple search will never be advertised in the search results." However, this refreshing search engine is only available on the mobile version. That is to say, in the Baidu logic, computer users can endure by advertising only a lot of advertising, a large amount of information about the media and the consequences – you think you are logged on the Internet, but it's just the Baidu desktop client.

In 2018, Baidu's revenue exceeded $ 100 billion. Li Yanhong announced Baidu's vision in 24 words: to become a world-class high-tech company that understands users and helps people to grow. In his internally open letter, he said: "When Baidu began in Zhongguancun 19 years ago, our goal was very clear, that is to make a search engine that users really feel good …"

After 19 years have passed, Baidu, who hopes "will best understand the users", clearly shifted away from the original heart.

The public knows that WeChat may require only public articles, Taobao can only request Taobao goods, but the public does not know, Baidu is also just Baidu.

Search engines should first place public prosperity and service

In a survey conducted by Sina Technology, from 15:00 on 30 January there were 14,917 people. In the question "How do you think a Baidu search is used?" A total of 38.63% of people chose a positive evaluation "very easy to use". "Easy to use", 38.99% of people chose "hard to use" and "very difficult to use." 49.61% said they "will continue to use Baidu search". According to the survey, Baidu was ranked first in the question "which browsers are used normally", which represents 46.81%, followed by Google (19.13%), Sogou (10.14%), 360 (10.09% ), Bing Bing (10.15%), others (3.68%).

Users are looking for keywords through Baidu, not just to see Baidu's own products, but want to use Baidu to search this door to enter the vast Chinese Internet space. The product does not differ, it is not as good as a thousand, which is also the significance of the existence of search engines. Because users have such expectations, Baidu's "suite" setup will lead to controversy over "public attributes".

So is the public that sets too high expectations on the search engine itself? Under the same keywords, the reporter consulted the "Web site" "information" on the search engine Baidu and the top ten Baidu customers, most of which are Baidu's own products. In the top ten results of Bing Bing, the presentation on each website is relatively balanced. About one third of Sogou's search results are their own content, such as "Sogou Encyclopedia", "Sohu", "Sogou Ming", "Sogou Ask" and so on. In the 360 ​​search results, the recommendation for "360 encyclopedia", "quick information" and secondary search "image", "video" and "good medicine" is greater.

The results show that in addition to Baidu, other search engines also tend to recommend their own content products. This inevitably leads to people who access information through these search engines; it's a priority to see their own products on the browser rather than on the basis of a fair reference to the "PR value" or "validity". Once these own information is low-quality or even other problems, the public can not escape it.

Use more search engines for keywords "Yang Liwei" to present the results

Use more search engines for keyword "red wants" to present the results

Use more search engines for keyword "early pregnancy" to present the results

On January 2, the National Internet Information Office directed Beijing's Internet Information Office to spread vulgar and vulgar information about some Baidu products and channels, seriously violating the ecology of online public opinion and interviewing the relevant person in charge of Baidu , ordering a swift and comprehensive correction. During the elimination period, Baidu mobile web version, Baidu news client "recommended channel", Baidu APP "female channel", "funny channel" and "channel for emotions" are suspended for a week from 15:00 on January 3. At that time, the relevant person in charge of Baidu said that he would strictly implement the requirements of the network department interviews, establish the network according to law, honestly fulfill the main responsibility and strengthen the network environmental management.

In response to the incident "Baidu", the journalist interviewed experts in the industry.

For example, in the computer age, the Internet information information, now in the mobile APP era, can not find a search, and the main platforms through "No", the content was introduced into their ecosystems. In fact, Baidu has its helplessness, and this helplessness began with his Baijia and Xiongzhang.

Are there any information barriers for each platform? Journalists searched for some of the original self-published content contained in the title number, the public number WeChat, the number of penguins, the large UC fishing number, the NetEase number, Sohu number, etc. Baidu search is really difficult to find the relationship of origin.

And with similar attitudes, there is a founder of the blog's blog, Fang Xingdong, president of the Internet Lab. He expressed his views in the Global Times: In recent years, with WeChat, Weibo, Taobao, today's titles and vibrato, the competition between the user community and the content production platform has become increasingly fierce and we have noticed a trend –from

In order to maintain their dominant position on the market, each platform is "plotting the prison ground", self-targeting within the platform, selectively protected competitor and free indexing of the content of third-party browsers. Such behavior shakes the fundamental cornerstone of the Internet.

Use Baidu to search for the results of some media content

Associate Research Associate, Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciencesfrom

Lei Xiafrom

It is said that in the new media era, one of the most important ways for people to get information is through a web search, a highly dependent search engine. Therefore, the sense of social responsibility is a must and a first priority. It is necessary to encourage accurate and worthwhile information. But what kind of information is correct and worth pushing?

First, the information itself has strong security and avoids false information;

The second is that regardless of whether the import is a hundred-number, it should be based on algorithm and user requirements, rather than ad-based advertising-based imports;

The third is easy and straightforward, rather than the user to carry out many projections in many relevant information;

Fourth, in a sense, the browser is equivalent to the entrance to the Internet. Not only can it press hundreds of numbers and cause interception of traffic on other websites.from

When a company is in the industry, it must have greater social responsibility and responsibility.

Doctor of Communication, Communication University of Chinafrom

Cao Peixinfrom

The professor believes that this incident shows that Baidu, as an important influence, exaggerates economic attributes, ignoring public attributes (such as genuine, objective, service, etc.) and political attributes (promoting honesty and trust, etc.). . So, we need to think about how to continuously improve the management system and regulations of new media organizations such as Baidu, in order to convince them to better balance the relationship between the three attributes.

Director and Researcher, Journalism Research Office, Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciencesfrom

Huang Chuxinfrom

It is said that, based on the relationship between users and search providers, since Baidu uses search engines to increase site traffic and earn high advertising costs, it is obliged to provide users with more reliable and more efficient search services; The content of No. Baijia has no supervision of customs, and a large number of false and harmful information floods, which is detrimental to the interests of consumers. This will have two consequences. One is that Baiaiao's false and damaging information will damage the social order and will hinder the construction of the cyberspace of Tianlang Qingqing, and the other side is also the kind of damage to Baidu's image.

In the online world, search engines are an important core project for cultural communication. Therefore, we must first put public prosperity and service. In particular, there should be no "inclination" in the process of users' use, and the factors that involve their own commercial interests can not be called in the process. The relevant departments should standardize and coordinate information gathering, software settings and search engines, and as soon as possible establish a general, reasonable and standardized system for searching for resources on the network. It is understood that as early as 2002, the United States and the European Union promoted the fairness and objectivity of search engines in the form of industrial norms and regulations and formed a complete industry standard.

From the point of view of social governance, if the public is only recommended to the public, the media content will affect the voice of the mainstream media.

Some self-media represented by no. Baijia, because the subjects involved in the expression of public opinion do not have good media literacy, and the lack of oversight can not properly display the authenticity of the news, the damage is obvious. In the long term, this will inevitably lead to inefficiency and even inefficiency of the main activities for directing public opinion, reducing the credibility of the government and weakening the guidelines of the main media for the public opinion. Due to the long-term lack of oversight by the government and enterprises, the number of Bahia is fraught with chaos, such as plagiarism among the media. On the one hand, this situation damages the economic interests of the original author, on the other hand, she promotes the plagiarism of the plagiarism of the article, washing the manuscript and decreasing the creative enthusiasm of many original content producers.

Associate Dean and Professor, School of Politics and Law, Communication University of Chinafrom

Wang Shakinfrom

This means that for anyone who uses it, the browser leads it to the informative window of knowledge, an unknown and an outside world, and represents a platform for information and aggregation of values. As the largest search provider in China, the legal obligation for service providers is to provide accurate, objective, comprehensive and authoritative information services with the help of search services. It is also the basic condition of the state, society and users. Барање.

Пребарувачите треба да посветат поголемо внимание на функциите на јавната услуга што ги преземаат. Ако заради сопствените лични интереси, "масна вода" на услугата за пребарување се внесува во сопствената "една акр три точки" низ разни начини, кои сериозно се отклонуваат од "авенијата" што треба да ги бара услугата за пребарување.

Второ, услугата за пребарување ги доловува, агрегатира, класифицира и др. Информациите на сајберпросторот преку сопствената технологија, а потоа ја дистрибуира според потребите на корисникот. Ова е наменето за давателот на услуги за пребарување да ги третира информациите и информативните содржини што ги обезбедува било која трета страна во сајбер просторот на фер и фер начин со објективен став. Ако услугата за пребарување ја искористи сопствената технологија и платформа, искористувајќи ја предноста на акумулираната доверба на луѓето во "самото барање" на услугите за пребарување, користејќи ја својата доминантна позиција на пазарот, продажбата на нивната содржина директно или преправено е еднаква на Спортистот исто така е судија, спротивно на основната процедурална правда.

Трето, иако сервисот за пребарување не директно обезбедува информативни услуги, тој има прва во прва и имплицитна улога во одлучувањето за тоа какви информации може да пристапи до корисникот и претставува водич и основа за корисниците да бараат, примаат и дистрибуираат разни видови на информации. Во овој случај, сервисот за пребарување треба да одговара на основните барања на правните и етички информации содржина, политичка ориентација и социјалистички основни вредности. Услугата за пребарување ја прави услугата "приватна градина", што е во спротивност со основните барања на "Законот за мрежна безбедност" и "Регулативите за управување со интернет-информации".

"Регулативите за управување со услуги за пребарување на интернет" јасно наложува: "Давателите на услуги за пребарување на Интернет треба да обезбедат објективни, фер и авторитативни резултати од пребарувањето, без да бидат во спротивност со националните интереси, јавните интереси, граѓаните, правните лица и други. Легитимните права и интереси на организацијата. "

Генералниот секретар Кси Џинпинг рече дека интерконекцијата е суштината на интернетот, а сајбер просторот е духовен дом на стотици милиони луѓе. Секој учесник има обврска да го подобри овој духовен дом. Пребарувањето на листата на практики на "Kase" му штети на луѓето да го користат чувството за добросостојба на Интернет, да добијат чувство за сајбер просторот и да не ги почитуваат релевантните одредби од националните закони. Регулаторите, давателите на услуги и корисниците треба да работат заедно за да ја променат оваа ситуација. .

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