Sunday , April 11 2021

OPPO Shenyi people outside of China Telecom 5G card – China Telecom China Telecom

Shen Jiren, OPPO vice president, told Weibo that he congratulated the official issuance of China Telecom's 5G license, and today I am very happy to receive the 5G mobile phone card at Guangdong Telecom @ 广东 天翼 0001 and quickly changed Renault.
Try 5G.Weibo is also equipped with China Telecom's 5G card, of the content of the card, it is still 133 segment of the telecom. The last four digits are 0001. This seems to be a fixed style, and the four digits in the middle are different. This is because the 5G telecommunications card that Pan Shi'i received earlier.

As for the tariff on the 5G card, Shen Yiren does not reveal it, but he could not disclose it, as the three main operators officially did not start work, and now it is only an early experience. According to previous news, existing old users can directly experience the 5G network without changing the card, but this is necessary for operators to formalize themselves.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology today issued 5G commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and Television. OPPO answered that it is fully ready for commercialization from 5G and is confident that it will become the first domestic manufacturer to launch 5G commercial mobile phones. Currently, OPPO is actively cooperating with supply chain partners, including operators to investigate the 5G application scenarios and provide users with 5G experience.

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