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2018-11-13 06:51:06 Source: Sohu Sports

Original title: North Love – Chen Zifan 4-3 reverse Hawkins cattle strong cold explosion 4-1 victory Allen

On November 13, in Beijing, Snooker Northern Ireland Open continued the game in the 2018/2019 season. In the first round of the competition Chinese players did well, Chen Zifan defended the meeting point, and 4-3 broke out to eliminate the famous Hawkins, Niu Zhuang. Striking with one shot to beat a hundred, 4-1 upset defeated the famous Allen host. In the other games Luo Hongyi and Li Xing win Derby, and Zhou Yuelong, Xiao Guodong, Yuan Sijun and Tian Pengfei defeated their opponents to advance to the second round.

Chen Zifan 4-3 Hawkins

Younger Chen Zifan started a professional game last season and scored only in the third round in England, the remaining tournaments were eliminated in the first two rounds. In the first round of the Northern Love match, Chen Zifan met the famous Hawkins, who showed a stable state in the last competition and reached the final at the Shanghai Masters.

He played in disproportion in strength, but he did not enter the unilateral situation from the beginning of the game, although Hawkins single shot 99 points, but the second game Chen Zifan still fought in the fight, 56-38 won the victory and won this game 1-1 flat. Then 69-51 won the second round of the fight, after Hawkins, although a single shot of 92, 80 winning 3-2 streak to get the match point, but the younger Chen Zifan did not panic, 63-40 over scored the sixth change Rescue the match point , the winning game caught Hawkins' ball and scored more goals After 69-26 overtime won the game, Chen Zifan sent 4-3 to turn Hawkins away and successfully promoted to the second round of Northern Love.

Niu Zhuang 4-1 Allen

Niu Zhuang started to compete in the professional season last season, but the best record in the first two rounds In the first round of the Northern Love match, Niu Zhuang started a strong opponent, Allen, who won the Masters Championship earlier this year, recently Daqing National Championships defeated Robertson to win the championship, and the successful Wang Zhongwang Invitational also had a semi-final performance.

Game Allen, who had the advantage of being at home, did not play the game, mistakes made in the first round of a long game gave the cow a lot of chances for mobile phone 73-47 Niu Zhuang won the first game with a 1: 0 advantage. After the second match, Niu Zhuang played one shot with 122 points and beat 100. In the third match Allen scored 88 points and regained the game, however Niu Zhuang scored 71 points and scored the fourth round 3-1 to reach the meeting point. In the fifth game Niu Zhuang overtook the counterattack Allen, who after 78-47 minutes of the match defeated 4-1 and eliminated Allen in the second round of Northern Love.

Zhou Yuelong 4-1 Klix

Chinese player Zhou Yuelong encountered the German supernova Klein in the first round In the game Zhou Yuelong quickly found the offensive, the first game scored 84 points in one game, and then, in the second duel, despite the 92-point shots of Klein, scored 1-1. However, Zhou Yuelong made an amazing performance at the offensive end, a single hit struck 102, 121 and 134 points and broke three hundred, finally 4-1 Clark attacked the second round.

Tian Pengfei 4-3 Dunn

Chinese player Tian Pengfei met veteran Dunn in the first round of the game Northern Love Tian Pengfei won the first round of the game in the initial game phase In the second game took the lead and scored 48 points, then made a mistake, then Dunn made one shot with 77 points and took him to 1- 1 level. After that, each of them won the fight and won at level 2-2 In the fifth match Tian Pengfei gave one shot and scored 132 points to get a point, Dunn scored 86 points and won the sixth game to save point 3-3. Pengfei scored 60 points to win, and 4-3 eliminated Dunn to enter the second round of Northern Love.

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